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Rosewill STAR PREDATOR Case Review: Balance Between Price and Value

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Final Thoughts

My experience with STAR PREDATOR has been a pleasant one. This particular case has plenty of room to accommodate most if not all of your needs. One of the small issues that might turn in to big problem is the size of the video cards you can use with this case. If you are planning to use video cards that are longer than 11 inches you will run in to the issues with the drive cage. If you are planning to use water-cooling in this case, there are plenty of options on how you can mod that in to this case. STAR PREDATOR also has a slick front door to hide the 5.25″ devices. Over all the case is pretty good in size and construction. STAR PREDATOR has light weight design as it only weights 15 lb. Once you start loading up this case with internal hardware it will quickly grow in weight so having a light case is always preferable. I really have no issues that could be considered as a down side in this case. Its simple and straight to the point.


Currently STAR PREDATOR is advertised at 74.54$ USD on Amazon and I feel that it is a good value for this kind of case. Sure it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles other cases have but never the less STAR PREDATOR sure does keeps it value.

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