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Silverstone LD03-AF ITX Case Review

Pointing out the differences in the LD03 and the LD03-AF cases

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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The changes that the Silverstone LD03-AF brings over the original LD03 aren’t really enough to change the conclusion I came to in my review of the LD03.  I still like the case, but none of the changes really took it to the next level.  The LD03-AF is the better choice if you want to use a more powerful graphics card or need that USB type C port, but I personally prefer the cleaner look of the original.

Pros: Cons:
Just as stylish as the LD03 USB C port looks like an afterthought
Includes a USB Type C port Ventilation is still rather small
Better ventilation than the LD03 Side panel dust filter is difficult to remove and replace
Extra vibration dampening on the drive tray

If you’re looking for a unique ITX case to show off your build in the LD03-AF is worth considering.  Just be aware that while the added vent removes some of the limitations of the original LD03, the LD03-AF is still best suited for those looking to build a show system rather than a portable workstation.  You can find my in depth review of the LD03 here: Silverstone LD03.

Modders-Inc Hardware Must Have Award



Reviewer’s Note 11/5/20: Added information about the new fan included in the LD03-AF

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