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Silverstone LD03-AF ITX Case Review

Pointing out the differences in the LD03 and the LD03-AF cases

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The external packaging of the LD03-AF is identical to the packaging of the LD03 and has no markings that designate it as the airflow version of the case.


One end of the box has a QR code that can be scanned to access the LD03 manual, which is shared between both the LD03 and LD03-AF.


The LD03-AF also carries over the same foam blocks and bagging that Silverstone used for the LD03.  While not exceptional, this packaging is sufficient given the size of the case.


The biggest change to the packaging for the LD03-AF is the inclusion of a set of large, bright yellow stickers with instructions on how to open the case.  This is a welcome update since the LD03 and LD03-AF use a very non-traditional panel mounting system.  The stickers trivialize the process of learning to open the LD03-AF.  Two stickers are mounted on the plastic sheeting that protects the glass panels, while a third sticker is mounted directly to the back of the case and includes a pull tab for removal.

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