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SilverStone RL 05 Gaming PC Case Review

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Hardware Installation and Clearance Compatibility

Installation of the components into the SilverStone RL 05 Gaming PC Case was a breeze. Mounting the motherboard and CPU liquid cooler took a little while as there isn’t a lot of space to work with. Dimensions of the case are 210mm x 465mm x 440mm however the clearance of standard 120mm CPU radiator was perfect. Distance from the CPU socket to the window is 162mm, keep that in mind when looking for a radiator or a CPU air cooler to use with this case. Cable management could be better. Unfortunately I do not have any flat power supply cables and as you can see, legacy style cables do make this look messy.

Installation of the 3.5″ device was easy as the RL 05 offers screw less installation of 3.5″ devices. However if you want to secure the 3.5″ device in place, there are eight matching screw holes on both sides of the 3.5″ cage. The side window really makes this case. Exposing all of your components to the ‘public’ give you an ability to show off.

When the system is built and powered on, the only lightning I saw was from the front of the case which came from the 140mm fans with Red LED’s. This added a nice touch to the overall appearance of this case.

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