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SilverStone RL 05 Gaming PC Case Review

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Final Thoughts

SilverStone is putting its right foot forward with RL 05 Gaming PC Case. Simplicity, efficiency and value are three features I would like to address in this conclusion. The case is simple in design however there is nothing ‘cheap’ about it. With my time spent with this case I have not found any quality issues that would disqualify this case from the competition. The skeleton of RL 05 is steel based and the overall construction of the case is well built. All the outer panels like doors, top and the bottom of the case are also made from steel. All this steel adds up and makes RL 05 a heavy case from the beginning. Without any components installed the case itself weights around 12 lb. RL 05 offers simple cable management system and easy cleaning options of the air filters.

This case is very efficient as far as offering cooling and component placement. Right out of the box RL 05 comes with two 140 mm fans that pull air in to the case. If you are planning to run a liquid cooling system in the SilverStone RL 05 Gaming PC Case then you are in luck. RL 05 offers flexible placements of radiators on the top, front and rear of the case. Can this case can support latest GPU’s? Well the GPU I used in this review is R9 290 and the length of this GPU is ~279mm. The SilverStone RL 05 can accommodate GPUs as long as 375mm and it can you fit a pair of GPU’s with ease.

Currently the SilverStone RL 05 Gaming PC Case retails for $ 59.99 USD. At this price it stands very tightly with the competition. We can see similar case designs from Corsair and Thermaltake and they are very closely priced with RL 05. In my opinion this case is worth keeping in consideration when looking at for clean and useful budget case.

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