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Swiftech Komodo RX480 Full Cover VGA Waterblock

Long time PC water cooling manufacture Swiftech has unveiled their latest waterblock with the release of the KomodoTM waterblock for the AMD RadeonTM RX 480 graphics cards.

The Swiftech Komodo RX480 is a full cover VGA waterblock is a high performance cooling solution with advanced thermal design and low flow restriction, compatible with Radeon RX 480




The coolant flow path includes all critical components such as GPU, memory, VR’s and power mosfets. Proper cooling of all the critical components contributes to overclocking stability, reliable operations, and longevity of the graphics card. The block also covers the entire PCB, leaving no components exposed to possible damages during handling.


Optional Accessories (sold separately)

Back plate, LS80 Light strip, Iris-ECO Light Controller



Pricing and Availability

The MSRP on the Komodo Line starts at USD $99.95. You can purchase the KomodoTM waterblock for the AMD RadeonTM RX 480 graphics cards via the Swiftech  online web store and through any of their reseller channels worldwide.


What is included in the box
Installation screws
Pre-installed thermal pads
Tim Mate 2 Thermal grease
(2) G1/4 plugs
Installation guide
Technical Specifications
Inlet & Outlet port thread standard:: 1/4″ BSPP (G1/4)
Quality assurance: leak tested at 30 PSI
Thermal joints installation:

  • GPU: thermal compound (included)
  • Memory & power fets: pre-installed 0.5mm thermal pads
Housing material: Acrylic
Base Plate material: Chrome plated C110 copper
Optional back-plate material: Black anodized aluminum
Dimensions:  (L) 7.5″ – 190mm x (W) 4.8″ – 123mm x (H) .79″ – 20mm (measured from GPU pedestal to top of housing)
Mass: 39 oz –  1105 g

Product Options

Back Plate ($29.95)
Waterblock ($99.95)
LS80 Lightstrip ($11.95)
Iris-Eco light controller ($12.95)

For more information please go to:

For a list of current resellers:



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