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Synology DiskStation DS416j Network Attached Storage Review

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Closer Look at the Synology DS416j

DS416j weights about 4.8kg/2.21lb without drives. Because of the external power distributor DS416j has a very weight. Dimensions of DS416j are184 (H) x 168(D) x 230(W) mm / 7.2(H) x 6.6(D) x 9(W) inch.

There aren’t any buttons besides power button which is located in the front of the unit. However there is Status, Network, and hard drive status LEDs. On the back of the unit there is a couple of USB ports (One USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0). DS416j has only one Ethernet connection which is also located on the back. The whole unit is powered by proprietary power connector that connects to power block.

DS416j can utilize up to four drives. To install hard drives you will need to unscrew rear screws and remove the top cover of the NAS. The hard drive sleds are in the middle of the unit and are being cooled by two 80mm fans.


Synology DS416j CPU is by Marvell Armada 388. This CPU is clocked at 1.3GHz (Dual Core). It is worth to mention that this CPU is passively cooled by the heat sink. Air delivery system is powered by two 80 mm fans which pull air from the front of the enclosure. There are no RAM sockets on the motherboard.

Marvell 88e1514-nnp2 is the Gigabit Ethernet controller on this model. This controller supports more than one Ethernet connection but we only have one in this model.


To achieve lower latencies and see less of interference from the devices, DS416j has a 1000 base-t magnetic module. (Bothhand USA 24hss1041a-2).

All of the server configurations are being kept by Altera 5m80z module – device selector/max v.

On board RAM is being provided by Samsung k4b2g1646q- 512MB DDR3L and is soldiered to the motherboard. Please note that this is DDR3L which is a low voltage ram which is designed to work perfectly with low voltage motherboards/devices.


Hard drive back plane is based on SATA connections. If you look closely, Synology is actually using SAS connectors here. I wonder if this model will ever support SAS drives (currently supporting SATSA III and II drives).

Front panel daughter board only have one button for power and five small status LEDs.

Hard drive sleds are made from plastic. Installation of the hard drives requires users to screw the drives to the sleds.

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