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Thecus N5550 Network Attached Storage Review

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N5550 Benchmarks

result_HD_playThe first test in the Intel NAS performance testing suite is the HD playback test. For some strange reason RAID 1 came back as the fastest in each of the three tests and averaged 100.8 mb/s. RAID 0, which I figured would be the fastest came back at just under 90 mb/s.

result_2x_hd_playThings even out a bit when we put more load on the N5550 however, RAID 1 still comes in the fastest with 110 mb/s with RAID 5 trailing at 108 mb/s. The other RAID configurations come in behind.

result_4x_hd_playFurther read loads push the RAID 10 array ahead of all the others at 114 mb/s with RAID 5 just slightly behind.

result_HD_recWhen writing to the RAID arrays we see the performance hits come into play. With a RAID 1 array the data is written to both disks at the same time and it takes a massive hit. RAID 0 leads in this test as data is written across both disks with no additional overhead as there is no fault tolerance.

result_HD_play_recSimultaneous playback and record really give the RAID arrays a work out. RAID 1 and JOBD come out ahead with over 60 mb/s performance.

result_contentRAID 0 has the best write speed but lacks the fault tolerance, or the ability to retain data if one of the drives fails. RAID 10 comes in 1st in the content creation test as it has less overhead than RAID 5 or RAID 6.

result_officeIn the office productivity tests the high read and write speeds of RAID 0 propel it to 1st place. Take note of the performance of the RAID 6 array. The extra processing that it takes to maintain a RAID 6 array is visible in this test.

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