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Thecus N5550 Network Attached Storage Review

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N5550 Benchmarks Continued

result_file_toIn this test, RAID 10 transfers a measly 12 mb/s. I though this was a fluke as I was recording the results however, the other two tests came back at 12 mb/s as well. RAID 6 and RAID 0 run away with the write speeds on this test.

result_file_fromThe file copy to the NAS results in almost all of the RAID arrays being close to each other. 6 mb/s separate the fastest to the slowest, the chart makes it look like a major difference between them.

result_dir_toDir to the NAS results in very similar speeds between the arrays with RAID 0 coming in the slowest.

result_dir_fromCoping from the NAS the speeds are all very close and there’s not much of a penalty for any of the arrays that need parity.

result_photo_albumIn the photo album test there is virtually no difference between the arrays.

During the testing I thought I saw some strange results and I thought we could be reaching the limits of the motherboard and the Atom processor. I decided I needed to test SSD vs HDD so we could determine the limit which the Atom processor could transfer data. I used two Samsung 840 EVO 256 gb drives in RAID 0 and compared it to two of the Seagate 3 TB drives in RAID 0.

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