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Thermaltake 2017 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Voting Now Open

The Final Voting Runs Until August 15th

Vote Now for the Thermaltake 2017 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1

Season 1 of Thermaltake’s 2017 CaseMOD Invitational is almost coming to a close with the final public voting underway. Two preliminary voting events were held, but this time, all the mods are finally completed so users can appreciate everyone’s efforts fully. I will reserve my judgment and opinions for now so as not to influence your voting, but stay tuned as we take a closer look at the entrants in the following days when voting wraps up. The public voting is split in two sets of week-long voting with prizes given out to voters in each one.

Follow this link to Vote Now – http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2017s1/vote.html

More details about Rules and Prizes – http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2017s1/rules_prizes.html

Thermaltake 2017 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Voting Now Open 2017 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational, case modding, Thermaltake 1

Vote for Your Favorite Modder to Win the Listed Prizes Each Week:

  • Alex Banks, a British modder, is known as Maki Role and Praetex Design online. He enjoys using techniques like CNC machining and 3D printing in his builds. He is the winner of “Thermaltake’s 2016 UK Modding Trophy”, along with “Scratchbuild of the Year 2016” on Bit-Tech.
  • Chaipoj Khaowasut, one of the top modders in Thailand, is the founder of Indy Laser & PC Case Mod. He is good at designing a PC case by using Photoshop, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Illustrator and CNC Laser machine.
  • Douglas Alves,  is a well-known modder in Brazil. Casemod is a way for him to express himself. He is famous with the Resident Evil build that won “the Guru3D Rig of the Month” award in 2014.
  • Ethan Cooper, is a 22 years-old Australian modder from the Technology and Gaming. He has completed multiple PC projects since 2015. The Batman PC build is his first modding project.
  • Filippo Borgarelli, is an Italian modder. He believes that modding is an artistic flow from the start of an idea to the final result. That is why he used FlowMods as his nickname in the PC modding community.
  • Kozlov Konstantin, a Russian software engineer, has been invited by Thermaltake to display his gaming rig in the 2016 IgroMir that is the biggest computer and video games exhibition in Russia.
  • Magic Zhu, is a Chinese modder who believes that success is the sum of details, so he pays close attention to every little part when modifying a case since every tiny screw matters. He makes every effort to ensure his design is unique. Modding is not only about techniques, but attitude as well.
  • Mhike Samsin is a full-time modders in the Philippines. His nickname is Tantric. He began PC modification from around 2005. In 2013, his build the SabertoothPC won 1 st place in the “Coolermaster Casemod World Series 2013”.
  • Marc Molella  from the United States is the founder of Precision Computing. He has been modding for about 10 years. Modding to him is a creative outlet, and is about creating something special, a work of art. Each casemod is different because everybody expresses creativity differently.
  • Olivier Maillet  from France is also known as Elladan. He does not restrict his modding style to a certain one. Instead, he always looks for new techniques or materials to create something different each time.
  • Sascha Moeske  is a PC enthusiast from Germany. He got involved with modding in the 90s, and worked on it again three years ago. He got a CNC milling machine to improve his workflow whilst expanding his modding forms. His creations include the Neuron P5 build and the Juggernaut build.
  • Von Carlo Rasonabe  is known as Reapervon. He is a Filipino-Japanese modder, and has been showcasing many of his projects at ASUS events and Computex Taipei. For him, casemod broadens his creativity and imagination.

Season 1 Worklogs at the Thermaltake Community Forums

All modding progress is published on “2017 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1” thread on the Tt Community: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/forum/82-2017-thermaltake-casemod-invitational-season-1/

For more details on the 2017 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 1, please visit: http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2017s1/

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