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Thermaltake Dr.Power II ATX Power Supply Tester

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 In case you don’t believe what I just told you about the Thermaltake Dr.Power II ATX power supply tester, please give a listen to this lovely lady from Thermaltake

I have used many testers in the past and most of them are either a green LED for good or a red LED for bad. Which is great for a fast test but if you want to know what the actually voltage being put out by the PSU and you do not have or know how to use an expensive voltage multimeter then the Thermaltake Dr.Power II is for you.

Thermaltake Dr.Power II ATX Power Supply Tester power supply, Thermaltake 1[sc:pro-con pro1=”Easy to Use” con1=”Might be more money than some will be willing to pay for a great tester” pro2=”Displays the actually output voltage ” pro3=”Displays what has failed ” ]

Modders-Inc Must Have Award


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