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Tt eSPORTS Cronos Riing RGB 7.1 Headset Review

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Fit and Comfort

The large earcups cover a lot of area. The breathable mesh cloth is also much more comfortable to the touch than it seems. Although due to the extra large cup size it is also heavier along the sides than on the middle. So while there is not much pressure at the top middle of the head due to the padding and flexible band, there is some pinching towards the bottom side of the earphone cups from just from gravity and the weight of each side.

Despite the size, the Tt eSPORTS Cronos RGB 7.1 does not feel heavy. Most of what the user has to contend with is the actual phyiscal bulk of the earcups. Which is why thankfully, Tt eSPORTS opted for pivoting earcups so it is easier to stow away.

Microphone Test:

The microphone recording volume is set to maximum in Windows 10 with no effects used.

Listening Tests

The headset is undoubtedly very powerful thanks to the pair of 50mm neodymium drivers. Users can quickly switch between stereo and 7.1 surround plus the equalize preset shortcuts help. That feature makes the Cronos RGB 7.1 much more versatile as an all-around audio solution beyond just for gaming.

The sound isolation is minimal so don’t expect to completely not hear the outside world while wearing it. The seal is also not as air tight since the earcups are cloth. This breathability makes it much more comfortable on the skin while wearing however.


Final Thoughts

On first glance you would not expect versatility from the Tt eSPORTS Cronos RGB 7.1 but it is actually more than just a headset with RGB LED lighting. In fact, it manages to have a very good sound signature for a gaming headset. The bass although powerful, is not overdone and overbearing like a typical gaming earphone. The EQ presets are also easily accessible via the software with shortcuts via the inline control.  This means it can be adapted quickly to suit the user’s listening needs. Whether watching movies, listening to music, or gaming in 7.1 surround, the headset is perfectly capable. It also has a lot more headroom for loudness. Even at only 15% volume in Windows, the listening experience can be very overwhelming, in a good way.

The microphone however, is not quite as sensitive. It is ideal as a chat microphone. Capturing clear and nuanced vocal qualities while isolating ambient noise further way. The downside is that there is not much headroom for recording louder sounds other than ‘chatting’ level speech. If you are the type of gamer who shouts a lot, you would not have a problem being heard however.

Tt eSPORTS Cronos Riing RGB 7.1 Headset

The RGB functionality delivers on what it promises. It changes almost instantly to whatever the software selects. However, the addition of RGB LED hardware on the earcups makes it much thicker than a normal headset. It is this thickness which causes a bit of discomfort from longer periods since the grip eventually pinches down towards the jaw if worn for hours. The looser seal on the ear cup padding allows for a more comfortable experience for those who wear glasses. There is also much more headroom at the top, even for those who want to wear the headset on top of a cap or just a really thick head of hair.

Overall, the Tt eSPORTS Cronos RGB 7.1 delivers on what it promises and then some. Understandably, the additional RGB LED features and virtual 7.1 drive the cost much higher than most gaming headsets at $89.99. If you want a versatile gaming headset that fits the lifestyle and almost any listening tasks you throw at it, then you might want to consider the Tt eSPORTS Cronos RGB 7.1.

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