Podcast #42 – Pre-Computex Hype

podcast #42

Both In Win and Gigabyte will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary at Computex, each with their own modding event which involve Modders-Inc. Gigabyte’s Water-cooling PC Mod challenge is being hosted by Modders-Inc and the winner will get a chance to go to Computex 2016 with their mod in Taiwan. This will be Modders-Inc’s first Computex attendance as well as Dewayne’s first trip outside of the US. The In Win modding event will be held inside In Win’s Touyuan factory in Taipei and Modders-Inc will be there to cover it as well with the modders participating discussed in this episode.

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Episode cast:

  • Ron Perillo
  • Dewayne Carel
  • Joe Mercado

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