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be quiet! Silent Base 600 Review: A Product of German Ninja-neering

be quiet! Silent Base 600

There is perhaps no other company more devoted to silence than German manufacturer be quiet!. Their entire product line revolves around the idea of having the most silent operating PC components around and they are resolutely focused on that goal. With plenty of award-winning coolers …

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Silverstone ML08 Case Review

Silverstone ML08

“Does this SFF system make my desk look fat?” The ITX form factor, once the redheaded step child of the motherboard has become a crowd favorite. This could be for many reasons, the growth of popularity with LAN parties, users realizing they do not need …

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Phanteks Eclipse P400 ATX Case Review

Phanteks P400 Case

As time passes, case makers seems to invent new ways to make system builds easier. Some cases feature motherboard trays that slide out, others offer easily removable dust filters, thumb screws, or a combination of other features. So when Phanteks claims to allow you to …

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NZXT Manta (White Edition) ITX Case Review

NZXT Manta

They say real women have curves, but can the same be said about computer cases? Certainly we have seen cases with curved panels before, but NZXT steps up the ante with their new ITX chassis, dubbed “Manta.” This is NZXT’s first ITX chassis, and it …

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Raidmax Hyperion Case Review: Different but Familiar

RAIDMAX Hyperion

The Hyperion is in many ways a departure from what is typically expected from a RAIDMAX chassis. While many companies now try to cater to the gaming crowd, RAIDMAX who has almost exclusively been catering to the gamer market for years with perennial cases such …

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Lian Li PC-Q10 Case Review

Lian Li PC-Q10WGD

Amidst the endless booths of drones and hover boards at CES, there is a name familiar to most people that have ever thought about building a custom PC; that name was Lian Li. Lian Li had several models of their PC desk and a small …

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BitFenix Nova Case Review: Beyond the Boundaries of Budget

Bitfenix Nova

It is the oldest dilemma since DIY PC building began: how to manage the budget for a build. More than often however, cost cutting boils down to chassis choice since each dollar allocated for it does not improve measurable megahertz performance. Fortunately over the last …

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Galaxy Silver Edition Review

Phanteks EVOLV ATX Silver

 It seems that the minimalist design is starting to become more and more popular these days. There are still a few companies out there that make what we call pre-modded cases (Those are the ones with all the aggressive angles and funky shaped window panels) …

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SilverStone Kublai KL05-W Case Review


What is the first item you shop for when you’re building your PC? Is it your motherboard, GPU, or is it the case? When I am looking at building a PC, I start at the case. It will be the foundation. The case dictates which …

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Review


Phanteks has very quickly cemented their place as one of the preferred chassis manufactures among the PC enthusiast community. In last year’s Mod24, Lee Harrington of “PCjunkie Mods” and Ron Lee Christianson of “Blue Horse Studios” used the Enthoo Luxe to create a Call of …

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