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InWin Launches New 503 Mid-Tower Case


With a minimalist tempered glass front, In Win’s new 503 mid-tower case is an elegant solution for those tired of the usual angular gaming enclosure. Available in white with black trim and black with red trim, the 503 is made of high-quality 0.6mm SECC steel ...

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MICLE “Proud of Blood” Custom Engine Case


Spearheaded by Chinese modder Wei Zheng of AI Mask, the MICLE “Proud of Blood” project is a limited edition run of 99 cases that feature a unique motor-bike engine design. The case stands 90cm tall and will be available for 16,800 Yuan (~$2700 USD) for ...

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DEEPCOOL Steam Castle “Steam-Punk” Case Review @ HardOCP

It is one of those moments that you go, “Uh, what?” Deepcool Industries comes to us today with its Steam Castle micro-ATX and mini-ITX computer case for smaller system configurations. While your definition of “steam-punk” may differ from Deepcool’s, one thing for sure is this ...

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Boom Box by Shane McAnally

02 - 3kEi99G

On any other medium, a large white area signifies a blank canvas but when it comes to cases, a white surface somehow makes the build much more organic looking. Perhaps because it symbolizes cleanliness and that the natural state of a computer system is a ...

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In Win 703 @ TechPowerUp

In Win ship the 703 is a plain brown cardboard box with the model number in large numbers on both sides. Both sides also detail the enclosure’s features and specifications. There are no images of the 703 itself, which is fine as most of its ...

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NZXT S340 Steel Mid-Tower Case Review @ HardOCP

NZXT’s very sexily named S340 mid-tower computer case is all about clean engineering, clean design, and clean function. There are no flashy panels; just a distinct presence with unblemished surfaces, tidy panel fitment, and crisp edges. For those of you that are fans of function ...

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BitFenix Prodigy M @ TechPowerUp

Having reviewed the original Prodigy, the Colossus M, and the Phenom M, we now have the pleasure of taking a look at the Prodigy M. It is available in a plethora of different colors and offers an optional side window for those who want to ...

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SilverStone PS11B-Q Mid-Tower Case Review @ Benchmark Reviews

SilverStone brings us the Precision Series PS11B-Q ATX case for the budget minded or entry level enthusiast. The Precision Series includes two variants, the PS11B-Q and the PS11B-W. This review will focus on the SilverStone PS11B-Q, which is the silent version of the Precision series. ...

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Cougar Introduces QBX Mini-ITX Case


Back in November, Cougar posted several photos on their Facebook page about their upcoming compact gaming case dubbed the QBX. It is a Mini-ITX unit that Cougar promises to be the “best cooled” mini-ITX chassis in the market with room for up to seven fans ...

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Phanteks Introduces EVOLV ITX Case


Aside from CPU coolers, Phantek’s enclosures are the most respected and sought after products in the market with their unique designs and balanced price-to-quality ratio that is a signature of their brand. The latest addition to Phanteks’ EVOLV enclosure series is the new mini-ITX version ...

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