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In Win 703 @ TechPowerUp

In Win ship the 703 is a plain brown cardboard box with the model number in large numbers on both sides. Both sides also detail the enclosure’s features and specifications. There are no images of the 703 itself, which is fine as most of its sales will take place online anyways. In Win 703 @ TechPowerUp

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NZXT S340 Steel Mid-Tower Case Review @ HardOCP

NZXT’s very sexily named S340 mid-tower computer case is all about clean engineering, clean design, and clean function. There are no flashy panels; just a distinct presence with unblemished surfaces, tidy panel fitment, and crisp edges. For those of you that are fans of function over form, this could be your next chassis. NZXT S340 Steel Mid-Tower Case Review @ ...

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BitFenix Prodigy M @ TechPowerUp

Having reviewed the original Prodigy, the Colossus M, and the Phenom M, we now have the pleasure of taking a look at the Prodigy M. It is available in a plethora of different colors and offers an optional side window for those who want to show off their hardware. BitFenix Prodigy M @ TechPowerUp

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SilverStone PS11B-Q Mid-Tower Case Review @ Benchmark Reviews

SilverStone brings us the Precision Series PS11B-Q ATX case for the budget minded or entry level enthusiast. The Precision Series includes two variants, the PS11B-Q and the PS11B-W. This review will focus on the SilverStone PS11B-Q, which is the silent version of the Precision series. SilverStone PS11B-Q Mid-Tower Case Review @ Benchmark Reviews

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Cougar Introduces QBX Mini-ITX Case


Back in November, Cougar posted several photos on their Facebook page about their upcoming compact gaming case dubbed the QBX. It is a Mini-ITX unit that Cougar promises to be the “best cooled” mini-ITX chassis in the market with room for up to seven fans and will be watercooling compatible. After several months, Cougar has now made the announcement official ...

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Phanteks Introduces EVOLV ITX Case


Aside from CPU coolers, Phantek’s enclosures are the most respected and sought after products in the market with their unique designs and balanced price-to-quality ratio that is a signature of their brand. The latest addition to Phanteks’ EVOLV enclosure series is the new mini-ITX version that is a budget-oriented offering that retains the same EVOLV minimalistic design and offers the ...

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Fractal Design Core 2300 @ TechPowerUp

We have had to pleasure of reviewing the Core 3300 in the past and now get to take a look at the Core 2300. A slightly more compact version of the chassis, it sits rights in-between the larger 3X00 units and the smaller 1X00 variants. Fractal Design Core 2300 @ TechPowerUp

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Raijintek Metis Classic Computer Case Review @ Benchmark Reviews

Mini PC’s are a crucial part for a media center PC and even small compact gaming PC’s. With the Raijintek Metis Classic computer case, system builders can now build even smaller and more compact media center or gaming PC’s. This lightweight aluminum case supports mini-ITX motherboards and even a full size ATX power supply. The Metis comes in a variety ...

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Bitfenix Introduces AEGIS micro-ATX Case


Also sporting the Pandora’s customizable LED display, Bitfenix’ new AEGIS is a micro-ATX solution that has a sportier take on a tower enclosure. Available in red, blue, yellow as well as white and black, the AEGIS supports up to 8x 120mm fans, 5x 140mm, dual 280 radiators and dual 360 radiators (if they are slim). For more features and information, ...

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Origin Genesis PC Chassis Review – Part 1


At CES 2013, we were pulled aside during one of our meetings and asked if we had seen the new Origin PC case. At that time, we had not. We were then introduced to the folks over at Origin. We heard the story of the Origin Genesis PC case. The case was kept top secret from the rest of the ...

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