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Silverstone Introduces New Raven Z SFF Case with ATX PSU Support


Silverstone has been focused on compact form factors for cases for the past few years and the iconic Raven line has taken on a much slimmer shape as well compared to the earlier models that featured a 90 degree ATX motherboard layout. Silverstone’s Raven and …

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Lian Li’s Computer Desk Line Now has Standing Desk DK-04

Lian Li dk4-a-00

Lian Li has expanded their desk line to include a new standing desk option: The DK-04. Many offices have been adopting a standing option for computer usage, which some have argued is ultimately healthier for the posture than sitting down for hours at a time. …

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Thermaltake Announces Project “The Tower” Design Collaboration with Watermod France

Thermaltake mod Tower by Mathieu Heredia

Thermaltake has been inspired by top modder Mathieu Heredia’s entry for the Thermaltake Casemod Invitational 2015 Season 2 and will soon be producing a case based on a similar design. Mathieu now joins other top modders such as Bill Owen and Craig Brugger who have …

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Thermaltake W200 Series Super-Tower Chassis Now Available

Thermaltake TT Premium Core W200 Super Tower Chassis_1

Thermaltake’s new W200 series super-tower cases are unlike other full-tower cases in the market with their unprecedented space for enthusiast-class components, larger than even Thermaltake’s previous Core X series, but with a workstation approach to the design. In addition to their previously released Core WP100/W100 …

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Silverstone ML08 Case Review

Silverstone ML08

“Does this SFF system make my desk look fat?” The ITX form factor, once the redheaded step child of the motherboard has become a crowd favorite. This could be for many reasons, the growth of popularity with LAN parties, users realizing they do not need …

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Caselabs Previews Upcoming ITX Case


US manufacturer Caselabs has been know to create large cases that are geared for enthusiasts who want to house several radiators but their latest upcoming case is taking the opposite route. Caselabs has posted a preview on their Twitter account showing at appears to be …

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Phanteks Eclipse P400 ATX Case Review

Phanteks P400 Case

As time passes, case makers seems to invent new ways to make system builds easier. Some cases feature motherboard trays that slide out, others offer easily removable dust filters, thumb screws, or a combination of other features. So when Phanteks claims to allow you to …

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NZXT Manta (White Edition) ITX Case Review

NZXT Manta

They say real women have curves, but can the same be said about computer cases? Certainly we have seen cases with curved panels before, but NZXT steps up the ante with their new ITX chassis, dubbed “Manta.” This is NZXT’s first ITX chassis, and it …

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Project Alternate PC-in-a-Desk by Robert Deluce #CMCASEMOD2016

Project Alternate by Robert Deluce

The relationship between the user and their PC is an unusual one, almost like an owner to a pet. There is a lot more that goes on emotionally than simply spending the money and putting one together, that is why customizing a system completely with …

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New Aerocool Dream Box DIY-Kit Offers Total Case Customization Freedom

Aerocool Dream Box

For some manufacturers, customization is optional but for Aerocool and their new Dream Box DIY-kit, customization is mandatory. Unlike other modder-friendly cases, the new Dream Box DIY-kit allows users to create almost anything they want. It is reminsicent of Antec’s LANboy Air but unlike that …

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