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Lian Li PC-V33 A Small Footprint Cube Case With Room Inside


One thing you can rely on Lian-Li doing (other than using Aluminum) is consistently unique case designs and the new PC-V33 cements this idea further, utilizing a cube case design that is highly functional and air-flow friendly. Aside from the high-grade brushed aluminum (available in ...

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Podcast #35 – Can You Handle the Truth?


The times and adventures of a bunch of guys that have nothing better to do than to keep you informed about computer hardware and computer case modding. During this podcast we talk about what judges look at when judging a case mod contest. We take ...

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Reeven Introduces MicroATX NOTOS Case


Reeven has introduced a new compact mini-tower case that supports micro-ATX motherboards dubbed the NOTOS, aimed for budget conscious users. Despite the compact size, the NOTOS supports CPU coolers up to 155mm tall and graphic cards up to 360mm long. For convenient installation, the NOTOS ...

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Phanteks Special Edition EVOLV ITX Series Launched


Phanteks now has two new color options for their Special Edition Enthoo Evolv ITX case series featuring black with red interior and a white with black interior reviewed here. In usual Phanteks fashion, these cases are of impeccable quality and are very versatile feature-wise, earning ...

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Cooler Master Shares Maker Spirit and MasterCase 5 at PAX Prime 2015


Showing their dedication to the spirit of innovation, Cooler Master will be showcasing their latest MasterCase 5 enclosure at PAX Prime as part of their “Make it Yours” campaign, featuring top modders and YouTube personalities such as Ron Lee Christianson of Blue Horse Studios, Richard ...

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case Review

Phanteks Enthoo Evlov SE White

Phanteks has decided to add some color to one of their popular series of cases and has branded it as a Special Edition. The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX SE Case that we will be looking at has all the familiar traits of the a the ...

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In Win Announces Mid-tower 805 ATX Chassis


In Win has added the new 805 chassis to their mid-tower ATX stable with see-through side-panels, USB 3.1 type C front panel connector, tempered glass covers, and impeccably designed for the clean contemporary conscious user. The In Win Mid-tower 805 ATX Chassis also boasts a ...

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MAINGEAR Shift Case Review


With the busy world we live in sometimes there is not enough time to do the things we would like to do. There are also those that might not have the resources to create something out of the ordinary. This is were MAINGEAR comes in ...

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Phanteks Enthoo PRO M Case Review: Quality Without Compromise


“All progress depends on the unreasonable”, wrote George Bernard Shaw more than a hundred years ago. It is his argument that the reasonable adapt to the conditions surrounding them but the unreasonable attempt to adapt the world unto themselves and thus their worldview affects change. ...

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Phanteks Releases Enthoo PRO M Chassis

Enthoo_Pro_M_Titanium green_Main_picture_3Q_left_2k

Phanteks has now made it possible to have extensive water-cooling support on a midtower chassis with only a $79 budget. The Enthoo PRO M just happens to look great as well, available in Titanium Green and Brushed black versions. Internally, the Enthoo PRO M is ...

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