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SteelSeries Rival Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks

To prove my point, today, we will take a look at the SteelSeries Rival, the latest optical mouse from the renowned gaming peripherals manufacturer. Designed specifically with first person shooter gaming in mind, and featuring a sensor that can go as low as 50 DPI to as high as 6500 DPI (Or CPI in SteelSeries language), this is certainly not ... Read More »


“CM Storm has proven once again that a quality gaming mouse doesn’t have to carry a hefty price tag. For under $30 the Xornet provides the right amount of buttons, features, and quality parts to appeal to FPS gamers on a budget. If you prefer a claw-grip style of mouse and don’t mind it being lightweight, the Xornet is an ... Read More »

Logitech G400s

At this point Logitech’s gaming mouse lineup is extremely well rounded. They have a mouse for just about every price point and gaming style. Some of you might remember back in the day when all they had was the G5 and later the G7 for gaming mice. The design of the G5 has carried through into a lot of their ... Read More »

Bloody G501 Headset, B120 Keyboard and ZL5A Mouse Video Review – Video

Bloody G501 Headset, B120 Keyboard and ZL5A Mouse Video Review by Dave Chaos – 5th April 2014 Discuss Here Bloody Gaming Peripherals: G501 Headset, B120 Keyboard and ZL5A Gaming Mouse Video Review with DaveChaos Today DaveChaos has some gaming periperhals from “Bloody” by A4Tech. We have the G501 Headset, B120 Keyboard and ZL5A Gaming Mouse up for review. Watch the ... Read More »

ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse

Everyone has their short list of preferred gaming mice for various reasons and we rarely step outside our comfort zone with these choices, which is why I was excited when Wes offered me the opportunity to take a look at a gaming mouse from ROCCAT. It was an opportunity to take a look at something different from a company we ... Read More »

OverClocked inside – Redaktion PC hardware page

A few days ago Cooler Master has introduced the two computer mice CM Storm Mizar and Alcor. It is becoming harder to find good sounding names for computer hardware. In this case, however, Cooler Master managed to choose two names for their latest creation, arising not from imagination, because at Mizar and Alcor are two stars that are located in ... Read More »

Func MS-3 Revision 2 w/F-Series 10 L Review | APH Networks

Inspirational quotes are a dime a dozen nowadays. For every person who claims to have their lives turned around by some seemingly deep thought written by a person they probably do not even remember, there are probably dozens more who have read the same thing, and their lives were no different than it was before they came across it. The ... Read More »