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Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse & Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse & Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad Review Aorus, Gaming Mouse 1Control is all about having a handle on what you’re doing. It seems these days, quite a few people are out of control and may need to be reined back in. Control is having the ability to keep your vehicle in your own lane, control is possessing the ability to keep one’s mouth shut. Control is all about having a handle on a situation.

Mice, for now anyway, are our main control interface for most of our PCs and applications that run on them. However, not all mice are created equal. Some are cheap OEM mice that barely allow us to move from one side of the screen to the other without having to move the mouse a mile to get there. Others are finely crafted instruments of precision and destruction. These mice possess the technology to allow a user to move the mouse a millimeter on the mouse pad while the cursor on screen moves two feet. These mice allow us to pull off the perfect headshot while trying to snipe halfway across the map. These mice put control at our fingertips. The Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming mouse claims to be one of these mice. The Aorus Thunder M7 features sixteen programmable buttons, and 8200 DPI gaming laser sensor, five different profiles with up to seventy programmed macros. The Aorus Thunder M7 puts all this at your fingertips.

Aorus packs a lot of features and customizability into their first mouse. Do all the features take away from the overall performance or comfort? Read on to find out.

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  • Interface: USB
  • Tracking System: Pro-Laser
  • Sensitivity: 200~8200dpi
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz
  • Frame Rate: 12000 frames/ second
  • Maximum Tracking Speed: 150ips
  • Maximum Acceleration: 30g
  • DPI Switch: 800/1600/3200/5600 DPI Switchable
  • Scrolling: Standard Scrolling Wheel
  • Side Buttons: 11
  • Switch Life (L/R click): 20 Million Times
  • Dimensions: (L)116mm *(W)70mm *(H)44mm
  • Weight: 110g ±10g
  • Cable Length: 1.8M
  • Color: Black
  • Software: AORUS Macro Engine
  • OS Support: Windows XP 32bit/ Vista/ 7/ 8
  • Certificate: CE/FCC/BSMI/KCC


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