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Tesoro Launches Gungnir Black Optical Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Illumination in North America


Gaming peripheral Tesoro launched their new Gungnir Black gaming mouse in North America, equipped with an optical sensor capable of up to 3500 DPI, 1000Hz polling rate and RGB LED illumination.  The Gungnir Black’s LED function is programmable and users can setup up to 35 macro keys and 1600 recordable actions for storage on the 64Kb onboard memory. For more ...

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GIGABYTE Unveils P37X: Lightest 17.3” Gaming Laptop with GTX 980M Graphics

Gigabyte P37X

Gigabyte is really putting the pressure to their competitors in the gaming laptop front, beefing up their notebook series with the P37X, a light 6.17lb 17.3″ 0.9-inch slim gaming platform equipped with a GTX 980M GPU for high-end mobile entertainment. Inside is also an Intel Core-i7 processor with two 512GB mSATA SSDs and dual 2TB HDDs. A lot more features ...

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GIGABYTE Force H3X Gaming Headset Review


Don’t you hate that when you are camping with a sniper rifle and all of the sudden some one sneaks up behind you and puts a knife through your head? Of course! We have all been there. Don’t you wish you heard that guy who was sneaking up on you? Maybe then you could have switched to a Desert Eagle ...

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HyperX Releases Enhanced Cloud II Gaming Headset, New Mouse Pad

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Kingston HyperX’s latest Cloud II gaming headset is now available which we previously reviewed here last month and earned our Must Have award. The updated headset features virtual 7.1 USB audio but can also be plugged in via 3.5mm stereo for wide compatibility with other devices. The headset also features great sounding stereo from 53mm drivers and top notch microphone ...

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Biostar Announces Gaming Z97X and Z97W Commander Motherboards

Biostar Gaming Z97X Commander Motherboard

Remember a few months ago when Biostar announced plans for a gaming motherboard line? They are keeping to that promise early in 2015 with the release of two new motherboards using the Intel Z97 chipset and they look very good. The Biostar Gaming Z97X and Z97W Commander motherboards are standard ATX form factor boards but are bundled with a front ...

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Aorus Thunder K7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Aorus Thunder K7 Keyboard

What do you look for in a keyboard? Do you look for items such as mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, and LED backlighting? Do you want silent keys or loud keys? There are plenty of keyboards on the market with more features than you can shake a stick at. Some are useful, while others are gimmicky. The Aorus Thunder K7 ...

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Understanding Frame Rate – Uncovering The Truth Behind 30 VS 60 FPS

As someone who loves video games, I spend a lot of time discussing them on the internet via various Reddit communities, forums and when I can stomach it; the YouTube comment section. One topic that seems to keep coming up in the ever-growing battle between PC and Console is the difference between 30 and 60 FPS or rather the lack ...

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NVIDIA Asks: What is #Greenbox ?


While blurred out images are not foreign to me, especially when browsing Japanese websites, an interesting image popped up on my Twitter feed with the hashtag #greenbox. It is preceeded with the question of what could this upcoming NVIDIA Shield related object be. Is it a new device? Is it a gaming bundle? What is inside the box? Is it ...

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Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse and Speed Large Mouse Pad Review

For this review, Cougar has sent over a new mouse, the rather futuristic looking 700M gaming mouse. The 700M does not have the look of a traditional mouse, and it looks as if it is poised to transform at any moment to join Optimus Prime in battle. We will find that while this design may look like it is from ...

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ASUS Introduces Z97-Pro Gamer Motherboard


ASUS is introducing a new Z97 gaming motherboard that is designed to offer excellent gaming performance at a price that is much more affordable than its Republic of Gamers line. The Z97-Pro boasts M.2 and SATA Express connectivity as is typical with ASUS’ Z97 segment offerings but also provides Supereme FX audio and Intel Gigabit Ethernet, complete with ASUS exclusive ...

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