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Gigabyte X99M Gaming 5 Motherboard Review


There is no doubt that the Haswell-E and X99 are high-performance computing platform parts. With 40 lanes of PCIe available on all but the lowest Haswell-E CPU, quad x8 SLI or Crossfire becomes a reality so does a large(ish) case in order to fit all ...

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COUGAR celebrates first year in Gaming Peripherals, announces exciting future

Cougar 700K

COUGAR, leading brand in the development of PC gaming hardware, celebrates now its first year in the gaming peripherals market and announces plans for the future. Before entering this market, COUGAR had already become a well-known brand in the area of quality cases, PSUs and ...

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Ozone Rage ST Headset Review: When Budget Actually Means Good


Despite the stereotype, gamers are social creatures too. Competitive games after all requires another person to play with, but as expressive as some gestures may be such as virtual teabagging, it is not nearly as effective in conveying what you really feel when you shout ...

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ZOWIE Gear Releases ZA Series Mice


E-Sports mouse favorite ZOWIE has released a new line of ambidextrous mice called the ZA series. The ZA11, ZA12 and ZA13 mice vary in size but feature the same increased height at the rear compared to the ZOWIE FK series for a more comfortable palm ...

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COUGAR shakes the Gaming Mouse Market with 300M


Having a good gaming mouse with a lot of features is nice to have but not everyone has the budget or would even entertain the idea of shelling out close to $100 on a mouse. Cougar aims to shake the gaming market with the introduction ...

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Grifiti Fat Wrist Pads @ LanOC Reviews

One of the downsides of the increased popularity of mechanical keyboards is that for the most part they are a lot thicker than rubber dome keyboards. That can sometimes lead to more wrist pain. Some manufactures include a wrist rest with their mechanical keyboards but ...

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ZOTAC SN970 Steam Machine Takes PC Gaming Beyond the Computer


The living room is where the gaming war is being waged with many companies offering a variety of solutions for PC gaming beyond the desktop and to more comfortable spaces sitting on the couch staring at a big screen TV. ZOTAC’s latest SN970 is a ...

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NVIDIA Introduces SHIELD 4K Android TV Console at GDC for $199


NVIDIA announced at GDC 2015 the latest evolution of their SHIELD device, now available for the living room. It is a AndroidTV-based device that is designed not just for 4K entertainment delivery but for games streaming as well. That is 4K @ 60Hz with H.265 ...

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Tesoro Announces the Excalibur Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard: Key-by-Key Customizable Backlighting in North America


RGB LED keyboards are all the rage lately and Tesoro has joined in with their latest Excalibur Spectrum mechanical keyboard that features key-by-key customizability. Tesoro Technology’s Excalibur Spectrum keyboard also features switchable N-key to 6-key rollover function as well as macro programmability. Availability is scheduled ...

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Cooler Master Builds For Indie Devs at PAX East 2015


Cooler Master will be present at PAX East 2015 from March 6 through 8 at booth 9164 and will feature customized builds themed for three new indie games: Axion Verge, Höme Improvisåtion and Social Justice Warriors. The best part? You can win some Cooler Master ...

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