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ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition Video Card Review

The ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition comes equipped with a factory GPU base clock 1124MHz and a boost clock of 1202MHz, a respective 104MHz and 117MHz increase over stock GeForce GTX 750 Ti speeds and features ASUS’ DirectCU II cooling system. It is configured with 2GB GDR5 memory running at a stock 5.4GHz effective rate. The cooling system ... Read More »

Sapphire ITX Compact R9 285

I absolutely love building Mini-ITX gaming rigs. Every time I build a new Lunchbox (what I call our LAN rigs), I try to make them smaller and faster. Either of those along can be a challenge, but trying to constantly pack a faster rig into a small can be a huge challenge. Thankfully recently motherboard manufactures, video card manufactures, and ... Read More »

Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 OC

As we get farther away from the initial launch of AMD’s lineup they have continued to fill in the blanks with a few other cards. One of those is the R9 280 that sits in between the R9 280X and the R9 270X. Sapphire sent over one of their overclocked models for me to check out. I have been extremely ... Read More »

HIS HD 7970 IceQ X² & HD 7950 IceQ X² Review

  HIS’s IceQ X² heatsink design is billed as one of the best around and it has now been paired up with AMD’s HD 7970 GHz Edition and HD 7950 Boost.  They’ve done this without adding a huge premium onto these cards which results in an excellent price / performance ratio, particularly when overclocking is involved.     HIS HD 7970 ... Read More »

Sapphire HD 7950 OC Graphics Card

Sapphire HD 7950 OC Graphics Card

With the HD 7970 already claiming the King of the Hill title, you know that the title comes a tall price tag. So if you are like me and know you can get some of that awesome speed and features for less money then you need to look at the SAPPHIRE HD 7950 OC. Sponsor: Sapphire [hr] First Look Coming out just a short ... Read More »

Sapphire HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

Sapphire HD 5670 Graphics Card

New to the Sapphire line of graphic cards is the HD5670. This card is just below the 5700 series cards but it performs to near the same level. With DirectX 11 capabilities and other features found on higher end cards this one you will want to try out. Sponsor: Sapphire [hr] First Impression Features: 1. Microsoft DirectX 11 Support2. ATI Eyefinity Technology, support up to 3 displays. *3. ATI ... Read More »

Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 Graphics Card

Sapphire ATi Radeon HD 5750 Graphics Card

ATi and Sapphire have just released their top tier cards with the 5870 and the 5850. These cards are able to give you great performance and DirectX 11, but wait what is this? Today they have released a new level of cards which happen to be the ATI Radeon 5700 series. This new card gives you the ability to run ... Read More »