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A Closer Look at the Zotac GeForce RTX 2070 Mini »

Zotac RTX 2070 miniThe Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Mini is in contrast to other RTX 2070 cards on the market. By, in contrast, I’m talking about the physical size of the card. The Mini moniker at the end of the product name denotes a smaller, more compact version. Over the last few generations of Nvidia cards, Zotac has produced the Mini models. I got my first peek at a Zotac GeForce GTX 1080TI Mini a few years ago at CES and then went hands-on with their mini version of the GTX 1080 here a while back. The Zotac mini cards are designed to fit into most systems produced or built today. With a smaller footprint, they make for some small and powerful systems. But, does the smaller size of the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Mini hinder the card?

Review Sample Provided by: Zotac
Product Name/Link to Website: Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 Mini
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Specifications of the Zotac GeForce RTX 2070 Mini

GPUGeForce RTX 2070
CUDA cores2304
Video Memory8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit
Engine Clock
Boost: 1620 MHz
Memory Clock14.0 Gbps
PCI Express3.0
Display Outputs3 x DisplayPort (4096×2160@60Hz)
HDMI 2.0 (3840×2160@60Hz)
HDCP SupportYes
Multi-Display CapabilityQuad Display
Recommended Power Supply
Power Consumption175W
Power Input8-pin
DirectX12 API feature level 12_1
90mm fan, 100mm fan
Slot Size
Dual Slot
Supported OSWindows 10 / 7 x64
Card Length211mm x 129mm x 41mm (8.3in x 5.08in x 1.61in)
User Manual



Zotac doesn’t deviate too far from their established box art with the RTX 2070 mini. On the front of the box, there is geometric graphics along with the product name. Flipping the box over and taking a look at the backside will give you a lot more information on the GPU housed inside as the back side of the box.


Once you open up the box, you’ll find the GPU wrapped in an anti-static bag and sitting in a closed cell insert.

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