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Ozone Strike Pro Gaming Keyboard Review – RBmods

Today we are taking a look at another mechanical keyboard; Ozone sent us a sample of their latest Strike Pro keyboard. This seems to be able to compete with quite a few keyboards currently on the market with a price under 150$. via Ozone Strike Pro Gaming KeyboardR – Bmods. Read More »

COUGAR | Winner’s Exhibition | iF ONLINE EXHIBITION

COUGAR | Winner’s Exhibition | iF ONLINE EXHIBITION. COUGAR’s New Ultimate Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Win iF Design Awards   March 6th 2014, Taipei – COUGAR, leading PC case, power supply and computer peripherals brand has won design awards for two new gaming peripherals, an ultimate gaming mouse and an ultimate gaming keyboard. It took two years for COUGAR to ... Read More »

CM Storm MECH Mechanical Keyboard Review CM Storm MECH 884102020100, Brown Switch, CHERRY MX, CM Storm MECH, Cooler Master, Hank Tolman, Mechanical Keyboard, Review, SGK-7000-MBCM1-US

If you haven’t heard, yet, mechanical keyboards are making a comeback in a big way. Nearly every peripheral manufacturer out there has line of them. But why are we going back to mechanical keyboards, which were popular in the early days of computing and then fell out of style? Should you consider investing a mechanical keyboard? They are typically more ... Read More »

Func KB-460 Gaming Keyboard

If you’ve been around PC gaming long enough you recognize the Func brand from their award winning mousepads which all but defined the industry. Func is back again and this time they aim to bring that functional styling to an entire range of gaming peripherals. Today we take a look at the KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard which aims to be ... Read More »

KBTalking Pro Black on Black Keyboard with MX Cherry Red Keys

KBTalking Pro Black

Remember the days of having a huge white tower that seemed to have a slug as a CPU? Remember the joy and freedom of your fingers gliding across those IBM keyboards like wheels on freshly paved cement? Well guys, I think I have found that joy once again. The small company called KBTalking USA has replicated that amazing mechanical keyboard ... Read More »

Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Model 207 – LANOC

When it comes to ergonomic keyboards there are only a few to pick from and, for the most part, all of those are rubber dome keyboards. Ergonomic mechanical keyboards are really limited to two different models, one being the Truly Ergonomic. Today we are going to take a look to see how it compares to everything I have tested to ... Read More »

Cooler Master Announces the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard

QuickFire Stealth Keyboard

Cooler Master Announces the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard with Covert Key Caps The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth is a refined version of the popular QuickFire Rapid keyboard aimed at purists and the gaming elite. Featuring top of the line CherryMX switches, a compact ten-keyless design, adjustable repeat rates and unique covert keycaps – the QuickFire Stealth is the ... Read More »

Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Keyboard

Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Keyboard

Introduction Cooler master has really set the gaming market ablaze with the rapid pace at which they have been releasing new gaming peripherals and more so that they are making them exclusive and with many options which give the gamers a true sense of customization to the way they play the game. We will be taking a look at Cooler ... Read More »

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

Logitech's G13 Advanced Gameboard

Adding to its “G” series of gaming peripherals, Logitech has released the G13 Advanced Gameboard.  The G13 offers 25 programmable keys, 3 quick switchable profiles, a 4 way control stick, and a GamePanel LCD.  Read on to see how the G13 fares in a world of keyboards and controllers. Sponsor: Xoxide [hr] First Impression The G13 arrived at my doorstep in ... Read More »