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Lian Li’s Computer Desk Line Now has Standing Desk DK-04

Lian Li dk4-a-00

Lian Li has expanded their desk line to include a new standing desk option: The DK-04. Many offices have been adopting a standing option for computer usage, which some have argued is ultimately healthier for the posture than sitting down for hours at a time. …

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Lian Li PC-7N: A New Take on a Classic


Lian Li cases are almost unmistakable from other chassis with their distinct high-quality brushed aluminum construction and penchant for clean, functional look. Although lately, they have been branching out to more unique designs and introducing angles to their otherwise very straight-edge cases. The new PC-7N …

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Lian Li Announces PC-M25 mATX Case


The latest case from Keelung, Taiwan based Lian Li is a micro-atx mini-tower that is accommodating for storage aficionados with up support for up to to seven hot-swappable 3.5″ drives. A custom PCB powered by a 4-pin MOLEX connector at the back allows users to …

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Lian Li PC-Q10 Case Review

Lian Li PC-Q10WGD

Amidst the endless booths of drones and hover boards at CES, there is a name familiar to most people that have ever thought about building a custom PC; that name was Lian Li. Lian Li had several models of their PC desk and a small …

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Lian Li Announces The CB-01 CPU Water Cooling Block In The US


Venturing into uncharted waters, famed Aluminum chassis manufacturer Lian Li has announced their new CPU water block CB-01 will be available soon in the US. This is the first time Lian Li has offered a liquid cooling block. The CB-01 has a cold plate made …

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Lian Li PC-18 Mid Tower Chassis Now Available in the US


The new Lian Li PC-18 mid-tower case has a very classic look externally but the interior is deceptively roomy with support for 360mm radiators on the side. Using a swing-out mounting design, the radiator is not dependent on the side-panel to mount so users can …

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Lian Li Announces PC-Q10WX Mini-ITX Availability in the US


Aluminum chassis manufacturer Lian Li is on a roll with their releases lately. The newest addition to their stable is the PC-Q10WX for mini-ITX users who want to show off their internal components. The PC-Q10WX has a transparent panel and measures 207 x 277 x …

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Lian Li Announces The PC-X510 Tower Chassis


While the last few recently announced Lian Li cases have been more compact, the new PC-X510 tower chassis takes the opposite approach and provides massive room and generous space allowance.  As is expected from most large tower cases these days, 360mm radiator support is present …

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Lian Li Introduces the PC-Q21 Series PC Chassis


Lian Li has been busy lately and they have another addition to their lineup in the form of the PC-Q21 chassis. It uses a mini-tower design and can house a mini-ITX motherboard, supporting up to two expansion slots and slot-loading optical drive. MSRP is $79.99 …

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Lian Li PC-V33 A Small Footprint Cube Case With Room Inside


One thing you can rely on Lian-Li doing (other than using Aluminum) is consistently unique case designs and the new PC-V33 cements this idea further, utilizing a cube case design that is highly functional and air-flow friendly. Aside from the high-grade brushed aluminum (available in …

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