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Michael Kaiser’s UNFORGIVEN ~ A Metallica Tribute Case Mod Covers CPU Magazine

Michael Kaisers Unforgiven

Michael Kaiser’s who has just been Modders-Inc. Featured Case MOD  for Unforgiven Metallica Tribute MOD has earned the coveted cover of Computer Power User, CPU Magazine. ComputerPowerUser.com Digital Edition. Michael shared with Modders-Inc. some details and insight to this build when he was selected MODDERS-Inc Featured Case Mod: Featured Case MOD http://www.modders-inc.com/unforgiven-metallica-tribute-case-mod/ I’ve said for the last 4 months, this ... Read More »

No CNC, No Problem Hand Crafted Metal Fabrication


No I didn’t make the saw blade! I’m stubborn not stupid. I’ve had many comments saying I wish I had a CNC Machine to make stuff like that. I wish I did too! Out of necessity and stubbornness I have learned to make a lot of things with basic hand tools.  With a little practice you can learn to fabricate ... Read More »

OVERKILL 922 by Bill Owens of MNPCTECH


Bill Owens, aka. mnpctech, has another great mod to share with us all. This mod is based off of a Cooler Master HAF 922 case. Not a bad case at all as is, but after Bill gets his hands on one, well let’s just say it’s OverKill Time. Great mod Bill, thanks for sharing it with us. Worklog Link Read More »

District 9 Prawn PC by Bill Owens of MNPCTECH


Bill “OverKill” Owen has added a new case mod to his long line of awesome pc mods, this time it has a bit of grunge to it and is based off the movie District 9!  From Bill in his worklog on MI: “I’m building a District 9 theme computer. The design is influenced by the Prawn Arc gun shown here.” ... Read More »

MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles

MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles

So, you’ve just finished modding a kick butt gaming rig, adding a killer paint job that causes neck snapping double-takes, to take to LAN parties? But, it is a pain to carry around, it’s heavy for one thing and having to clean finger prints etc off the paint is a drag. If only it had handles eh? Well, MNPCTECH may ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #3 Part 3 with Bill Owens

itunes_image (2)

  Topics:  There was so much covered in the podcast’s that if you missed any of them you really need to go and get them Podcast Members-Tony – TazzDewayne – Americanfreak Guest-  Bill Owens Leave comments and talk about our podcast in the forums. Email Podcast Suggestions or Comments to podcast@modders-inc.com   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #2 Part 2 with Bill Owens

Modders-Inc Podcast

  Topics:  Here are some of the topics covered in part two of the interview. How to find inspiration for your own case mod. My standards for Mnpctech.com’s work before it reaches our customer. Using the community forum worklogs for positive feedback. How to handle negative feedback. Does hiring professional help or skilled resources for your project still make it ... Read More »

Modders-Inc Podcast #1 Bill Owens of MNPCTECH


  Topics: It was a great interview that has so much information in it that we had to split it into a couple podcast. Download the podcast(s) and I know you you will enjoy every minute of it.   Podcast Members-Tony – TazzDewayne – Americanfreak Guest-  Bill Owens Leave comments and talk about our podcast in the forums. Email Podcast ... Read More »

MNPCTech Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet

MNPCTech Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet

As most of you have seen, I have been doing a small series of reviews on MNPCTechs billet aluminum accessories for cases. Well today we are going to top it off with another great billet aluminum product from MNPCTech. Bill sent over a set of their Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet for us to review. We will be running these ... Read More »

MNPCTech Case Handles and 120mm Fan Grill

MNPCTech Case Handles

We got some more eye candy products to take a look at from MNPCTech. Over the last couple of reviews we addressed the front of the case, taking a look at the Billet Drive Bay covers, Vandal Resistant Switches and mounting plate, and the 120mm Blowhole kit. Today we will look at a couple of products that will address the ... Read More »