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MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles

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So, you’ve just finished modding a kick butt gaming rig, adding a killer paint job that causes neck snapping double-takes, to take to LAN parties? But, it is a pain to carry around, it’s heavy for one thing and having to clean finger prints etc off the paint is a drag. If only it had handles eh? Well, MNPCTECH may just have what you need then, with three styles of Case Handles to choose from. Though probably more known for Modders Mesh and Billet Aluminum Case Handles, MNPCTECH has much more to offer, and today we will be taking a look at the latest addition to the case handle line-up, the new MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles.



First Impression


I received the MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles in a standard brown box with packing materials. They were shrink wrapped together along with the mounting hardware and the MNPCTECH business card. 

Once the shrink wrap was removed I found the handles to be separately shrink wrapped as well and the nuts and bolts in a small zip-lock bag.  This will prevent them from getting scratched during shipping. … Coolness :) 

Now completely unwrapped we see that we have the pair of MNPCTECH Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Case Handles, 6 bolts and 6 nuts, however there were not any instructions included. ***Note: since the start of my review washers have now been included with each pair of handles.*** KUDOS to MNPCTECH for updating products as the need arises. :) 


5.10” W x .305” H 

3 Mounting Holes

16 gauge steel 

.316” Diameter Bail 

Black Powdercoat or Zinc Finish 

.75” Diameter Rubber Grip

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Vic McGuire

Vic "XcaliburFX" began case modding in 2006, when he modded his first case for his daughter. He has had several of his creations in CPU Magazine and Maximum PC. Vic has also contributed to articles for the Computer Power User magazine about modding.

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