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Noctua Previews Transluscent Frame and Next-Gen Fans at Computex

Noctua Next-gen Fan Prototypes

Austria based Noctua loves their fans; I’m talking about the spinning variety of course, or ‘Lüfter‘ as they refer to it. Fans are deceptively simple and most people tend not to look too hard on how it works, but not Noctua. They dedicate years to …

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Noctua Industrial PPC Fans Revisited: 24V Models and Chromax Colour Accessories

Noctua Industrial PPC 24V

Known for its signature brown colour as well as its silent performance, Noctua’s fans come easily recommended for those with thermal concerns but a bit of a hit-or-miss when it comes to system aesthetic integration. Many are not too fond of the brown and flesh …

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Noctua Expands 5V Fan Line-up with NF-A6x25 5V and 5V PWM Models


Noctua’s award winning fan line has grown bigger, or shall I say smaller, with the addition of two new compact 60mm models that are 5V fans. Although compact, these fans exhibit the same design found in their larger siblings including Noctua’s Advanced Acoustic Optimization frames …

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Noctua Chromax Fan Accessories Introduced


The Noctua Chromax fan accessories are now available for matching the color theme of your build. The Noctua Chromax fan accessories are essentially the NA-SAV2 and NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration mounts that can be installed on current Noctua fans that use it such as the Industrial PPC …

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Noctua Announces 24V 120mm and 140mm industrialPPC Fans


Noctua’s ruggedized black industrialPPC fans are getting new 24V variants that offer considerably greater range in various applications. Utilizing the NF-F12 and NF-A14 design, these Noctua industrialPPC 24V fans feature IP67 water and dust protection running at 2000 or 3000 RPM at the max. These …

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Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler Review: How the Best Got Better


Slim is in but large air coolers refuse to be fat-shamed out of relevance, adapting smarter implementations to ease their installation to match the convenience of smaller heatsinks. The Noctua NH-D15 released last year is one such cooler, fighting back against the trend of All-in-One …

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Noctua NH-C14S CPU Cooler Review: Balance Through Asymmetry


Not every big problem requires an equally big solution. Sometimes all the change required may seem miniscule but when executed correctly, can result in great gains and improvements. This is the approach Austrian CPU cooling expert Noctua has taken with their latest high-end C-type cooler …

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Noctua at Computex 2015 (PR)


Vienna, June 11th 2015 – At last week’s Computex Taipei trade fair, Noctua exhibited a wide range of its upcoming products and received the 1st European Hardware Award for its renowned NH-D15 dual-tower cooler. Ranging from fan and heatsink prototypes on custom designs for industrial …

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Noctua presents two asymmetrical 140mm CPU coolers (PR)


Vienna, May 18th – Noctua today announced two new additions to its portfolio of premium-quality, quiet CPU coolers with 140mm fans. Whereas the NH-D15S is a high-compatibility single fan version of the elite-class dual tower model NH-D15, the NH-C14S replaces the proven top-flow cooler NH-C14. …

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Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Review – The King of Air Coolers @ TechnologyX

In the world of PC cooling few names carry as much weight as Noctua; an Austria based cooling technology company, which specializes in high-end air coolers and fans. You may even consider them the BMW of PC cooling. Their former flagship air cooler: the NH-D14 holds …

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