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The DK 5.0 has performed well based on my mixed usage (FPS gaming and day to day functions). My test time for this keyboard was only a few weeks. In this short period, I had no issues typing on DK 5.0. The keys themselves feel great as they tactile and click. This is expected from the Blue type of mechanical switch. Comparing the OUTEMU to Cherry MX keys, I do not see any difference in the physical functionality of these keys.

RGB options of this keyboard are very standard and offer most of the well known presets we see in other keyboards (wave, sine wave, ripple, etc). There is wrist support in this keyboard and that’s one of the downsides for me. I type a lot so resting my wrists is almost a must. I also would love to see the shell construction of this keyboard in a different material than ABS plastic. Right now DK 5.0 retails for about $65 which is right about the middle of what you would expect out of the affordable mechanical keyboards. We see mechanical keyboards as low as $45 on the market right now but I question their reliability at that low price level. I strongly feel that DK 5.0 is priced well based on its features and my personal experience with 1stPlayer products. If you are looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard with Blue switches you should give DK 5.0 a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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