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Over the last few years, HyperX has really stepped up their accessory game. Their first keyboard, the Alloy FPS, was pretty impressive although it did have a couple of shortcomings that while didn’t really affect the performance of the keyboard, did seem a little short sighted. One of which was adding a USB port on the back of the keyboard, like many manufacturers, but it could only be used to charge mobile devices but still takes up two USB ports on the PC. The Alloy Elite RGB is one of their newest entries into the keyboard market. HyperX focused on usability as well as function. The Alloy Elite RGB features full RGB lighting, dedicated media keys, and through the software, can store profiles on board. HyperX has really been paying attention to customer feedback and recently launched their own gaming arena in Las Vegas at the Luxor. So, does the latest keyboard from HyperX deserve a coveted spot on your desk? Read on to find out.


Review Sample Provided By: HyperX
Product Name and Website: Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The packaging for the Alloy Elite RGB features a large graphic of the keyboard on the front of the box. This gives the consumer a good idea of what the keyboard looks like. In the top right corner, the switch color is indicated. The review sample that we received has Cherry MX Blue switches. The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is also available in Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Red switches. On the back of the box, four images show the features of the keyboard and the text below describes each of the feature images.


The keyboard is protected from scratches and dust as it is encased in a plastic bag. Below the keyboard is another compartment that contains the accessories that are included with this keyboard.


The accessories included with the Alloy Elite RGB include a user manual, Titanium colored keycaps, and keycap puller, warranty guide, and a full length wrist wrest.

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  1. Hey, is that 3 star rating in the article’s summary correct? Because it does not seem to match: “Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB.”

  2. Thanks for bringing that up. The star ratings are new and I totally forgot to set it before I published the article. I’ve updated it to 4 stars, as it should be. While I am impressed with the keyboard. The build quality is great. There’s just not much to distinguish it from the rest of the high-end keyboards on the market.

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