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2014 QuakeCon Case Modding Contest Winners

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id and Bethesda: Case Mods based off of either the company or a game from either id and Bethesda

3rd Place:

Ethan Prus had a great mod of the Repurposed Enclave Eyebot from the Fallout series and was able to grab third place. This hand made mod, believe it or not, started out as an exercise ball.

3rd place bethesda Ethan Prus
3rd place Bethesda case mod Ethan Prus




2nd Place:

Hassan Alaw and his Bethesda themed Elder Scrolls Online case mod with a well done paint job, laser etched items and a LCD screen at the bottom of the case was able to snag second place.

2nd place bethesda Hassan Alaw
2nd place Bethesda case mod Hassan Alaw




1st Place:


The 2014 winner in the id/Bethesda theme category is Shane McAnally’s with his Imperium case mod. This case mod is based off of one of his favorite games Dishonored. If you did a quick walk-by Shane’s case without take a longer look you would be doing yourself a dishonor. There are lots of little details that made this case mod the top choice, such as super tiny rivet heads inside the case where plates are that have been drilled out and the power wires run through.

1st place bethesda Shane McAnally
1st place Bethesda case mod Shane McAnally



 DSC_1529 DSC_1526



For those that entered and want to know how they placed here are the results. They will be listed in this order, Position and Contestant Number.

Case Mods Scratch Build Bethesda
1 10
2 31
3 6
4 1
5 27
5 32
6 18
7 12
8 2
9 8
10 11
10 19
11 29
12 16
13 13
14 21
15 7
16 30
1 5
2 25
3 17
4 28
5 23
6 15
7 22
1 3
2 35A
3 9
4 24
5 4
6 14
7 35B
8 26
9 20


A great job was done by all and we cannot wait until next year to see what modders will create to beat out this years winners.

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