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AMD Zen USB 3.1 Chipset Issue Could Increase Cost for Motherboard Manufacturers

AMD’s next generation Zen did not make a physical appearance at Computex 2016 yet aside from a few seconds of motion graphics showing the new logo, but it is expected to launch before or in Q1 2017. Zen is AMD’s latest micro-architecture succeeding Excavator, but built from the ground up rather than an optimization of an existing architecture. Zen will be using the new AM4 socket with DDR4 support, although AMD’s Bristol Ridge APU recently launched will be the first to use the new socket.


DigiTimes reports however that the Zen chipset which AMD outsourced to ASMedia is showing some USB 3.1 transmission issues and requires additional components to work-around such as adding re-drivers to maintain signal integrity over further distances. USB 3.1 is supposedly a native feature of the Zen chipset but some manufacturers might have to resort to 3rd party IC controllers to solve the issue.  This of course will result in higher manufacturing cost which will show up on the final retail price. ASMedia however, claims that the report is just a rumor and that their products have all received certification.

source: DigiTimes



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