Axiom TS Mini PC with Raven Ridge

Computer Upgrade King's Mini-PC gets Ryzen APUs

AMD has finally brought Zen CPUs and Vega graphics together on the AM4 socket in the form of new Raven Ridge APUs.  One of the first systems you’ll be able to buy with the new architecture is the Axiom TS Mini PC from Computer Upgrade King.  It promises to be the best entry-level gaming PC out there with a starting price of just $435 with the Ryzen 3 2200G, or $499 with the Ryzen 5 2400G.

Starting with the new AMD APUs, the Ryzen 3 2200G features 4-cores/4-threads on the new Zen+ architecture, with a base clock of 3.5GHz, and a max of 3.7GHz thanks to Precision Boost 2.  The 2200G also features a VEGA 8 GPU onboard, with 8 Compute Units and 32 Texture Map Units, with frequencies up to 1100MHz.  The 2200G retails for just $99 with the Wraith Spire cooler and will replace the Ryzen 3 1200 CPU.

Also new to the Zen family is the Ryzen 5 2400G, which sports 4-Cores and 8-Threads thanks to SMT support, as well as a base clock of 3.6GHz, and boosting to 3.9GHz.  Powering the graphics on the 2400G is a VEGA 11 GPU, sporting 44 TMUs and clock speeds up to 1250MHz.  Retail on the 2400G is set at $169 and will take the place of the Ryzen 5 1400.

Both Raven Ridge APUs will be compatible with all existing A320 and B350 motherboards via a BIOS update.

Focusing back on the Axiom TS Mini, this diminutive 4.8L case is packing a Micro-ATX form factor board.  The base configuration of the Axiom will include an AMD A320-based board with a SanDisk X400 120GB SSD, the stock AMD Wraith cooler, and 200W SFF power supply, and a dual-channel kit of DDR4 clocked at 2400MHz.  An upgrade to a B350 chipset, m.2 NVME SSD, and 3000MHz memory are all available as well.  All of that, plus a Windows 10 Home license, for a starting price of just $435 with the 2200G, or $499 with the 2400G.  At those prices, it’s actually cheaper to buy this system pre-built than to piece it together yourself.  Especially when you consider the three-year warranty and Windows 10 license included with the Axiom TS Mini.


There simply isn’t a better value out there at this price point.

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