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CableMod ModMesh Cable Kits for PSU Sleeving

cablemod-logoGiving PC builders more options is what CableMod is all about. We began by introducing ModFlex™ – our signature paracord cable sleeving and offering it in multiple colors to match as many builds as possible. After months of development, CableMod is proud to launch CableMod ModMesh™ – our next-generation PET-based cable sleeving that offers superb vibrancy and durability.

ModMesh offers several different properties compared to our original ModFlex sleeving. For one, ModMesh is PET-based, which makes it slightly more rigid than ModFlex sleeving. This in conjunction with added luminosity makes it a good choice for builders who are striving for a brighter, more crafted look. Many ModMesh colors are also UV reactive, which makes it perfect for those looking to incorporate UV lighting in their rigs. The added rigidity and heat resistance of ModMesh also makes it a more durable sleeving material, ideal for modders who frequently handle or move their cables from build to build.


CableMod ModMesh Cable Kits are complete power supply cable replacements that are designed to replace the cables that are included with your power supply. This means there’s no extra cable length to contend with when trying to manage them. Also, the extra tight weave ensures that the wires underneath are hidden from view, letting the rich and vibrant color shine through. Of course, our ModMesh cables are crafted with the same care and attention to detail that has made our original ModFlex cables famous in the modding community.

For a full list of compatible models, head over to our compatibility list:

ModMesh is now also an available option on the CableMod Configurator, giving a new wealth of options for the discerning PC builder:



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