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Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Case Review

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A Closer Look – Exterior

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P measures 639 x 306 x 651mm, making this one of the largest cases on the market today. We’ll start on the top of the case, at the front I/O. From bottom to top, the I/O starts with the 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks.  Above that are 4 USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 3.1 port. It’s great to see case manufacturers including USB 3.1 on the front I/O. Next, there is a large power button, with a reset button above that.  To the left of the power and reset buttons is a High and Low switch for the built-in fan and RGB controller the Cosmos C700P has behind the motherboard tray. To the right is a switch for the RGB control. The Cosmos C700P has three settings for the built-in RGB controller. The first setting is Cycle. On this setting, the RGB accent lighting and a possible additional RGB fan or strip, will cycle through the color spectrum. The next setting is Static. All lighting can be set to a specific color. The final setting is labeled MB for motherboard. This setting allows you to sync the case lighting to the lighting on the motherboard. The case lighting can then be controlled by your motherboards software.

Below the front panel I/O, on the front of the case, there are a few removable panels. The first being the outer most panel. The Cooler Master logo is place in the center of this panel. It can be pulled out a bit to reveal the 2 5.25” bays the Cosmos C700P has to offer. The panel can also be removed to increase airflow. However, the back of this panel has a thick pad that helps dampen noise. With the panel on, and the fans running on low, the X99 system I put in the Cosmos ran extremely quiet.

The second panel is another hard mesh dust filter. It can be removed for access to the front fans, as well as for easy cleaning. Like the top of the case, there is another removable bracket that supports up to 3 x 140 mm fans or a 480-mm radiator. To fit a 360-mm radiator on top, or a 480-mm radiator in the front, you would first need to remove the optical drive bay from the case. Near the very bottom of the front mesh filter, there is yet another hard mesh dust filter. This one slides out the front of the case and runs along the bottom of the floor, the length of the case. There is a second set of aluminum bars that run along the bottom. In this case, used as the feet of the case. There is also RGB lighting that runs along the bottom of the case. The lighting on both the top and bottom of the Cosmos C700P are controlled by the button on the right side of the front panel.

Going around to the rear exhaust of the Cosmos C700p.  On the top there is the standard cut out for an I/O shield. Nest to that is a spot for an exhaust fan. The Cosmos can take either a 120-mm or a 140-mm fan in the exhaust.  Being a full tower, there are a total of 9 expansion slots on the Cosmos C700P. The bottom has the mounting bracket for a standard ATX power supply.  This entire panel, like so many other parts of the Cosmos C700P, is removable and reversible. This would be done if one wanted to build an inverse build in the Cosmos.  The front and rear panels are both double curved panels. However, where the back panel is made of steel, the front panel is tempered glass. The glass is tinted, giving it the mirror effect. This also allows any interior lighting to really stand out when the PC is powered on.

With the side panel being tempered glass, finger prints and smudges can be an issue. To combat this, Cooler Master has included a microfiber cloth for polishing the tempered glass side panel. This is a nice addition and show how much thought went into the development of this case.


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One Comment

  1. I built the Cosmo C700P reversed around an EVGA Classified SR-2 dual Xeon HPATX motherboard. It worked awesome, fills the case perfectly, posted CUDA rendering records first time out, and looks gorgeous!!!

    The EVGA SuperNOVA 1600W G2 is bottom right; the pcie and sata power cables are completely hidden bottom center to left under the geometric shroud where I keep my emergency backup HyperX SSD out front in the special shock-mounted holder. The dual six-core X5660 2.8 GHz Xeons are air-cooled by twin LED CM V8 GTS fans; 24 RAM slots are good for 48GB factory, 96GB with the “Secret Sauce”; and 7 full length pcie slots in the upper right keep the air-cooled GTX cards right side up for better cooling, like in Mac Pro cases. The only real alteration was to move the vertical HD mounting column/support back on standoffs to clear the colossal SR-2 motherboard; everything else just worked, and the gorgeous double-curved glass door swings out and then right (towards the back of the machine). 4TB of SSD boot and scratch disks are tucked into two special holders on the back of the mobo tray behind a huge double curved black aluminum door; everything is super clean, and super accessible!

    Initial config was with two immaculate EVGA GTX590 Classifieds, and one ROG MARS GTX580x2 for a total of six massive GF110 Fermi GPUs. On the Thea Rendering benchmarks (combined Nvidia CUDA and Intel Embree unbiased 3D rendering performance), this system scored 10,660; crushing many dual and triple GTX 1080ti rigs! Gotta love it!

    The top grill pops off to reveal the very impressive and huge ROG MARS GTX580x2 video card, and the many internal red LEDs hint nicely at the depth, volume, and massive power inside the stunning case! The ROG MARS GTX580x2 supports DisplayPort with audio, and drives a single 27” Apple Cinema LED display with glass face and nice sound. It really compliments the timeless and high quality styling of the C700P!

    For the long term, I plan on re-installing two EVGA GTX580 3GB Classified Ultras under the ROG MARS GTX580x2, and setting up for cool and quiet presentation renderings in a professional industrial design studio. With BIOS temp-controlled and reliable air-cooling fans for all system components, this will prove to be a valuable asset in our bag of extreme-duty design tools. The heavy and hushed sounds of the big fans, the barely audible coil whine, and the subliminal double-curved tempered and LED lit smoked-glass case tell clients they are in for an experience they will not soon forget…

    For showcasing the vintage and classic dual Xeon SR-2, and the massive CUDA video cards it can support, the Cooler Master Cosmo C700P is the one to see! Everyone loves it!


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