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Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case

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A Closer Look

Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 1
  Now taking a closer look at the HAF 932 outside the box we see that it is one big case. It’s not just that it is a tall case at nearly 2′ tall but it is also a wide case as well. Measuring at 9″ across it is roughly 1″ wider than your typical case. That combined with its height does somehow add to the overall presence the case presents. The funny thing is that although the case seems large it’s really a lot lighter than you would imagine.  You see although the case chassis is made from Steel most a large portion of the exterior is Mesh and provides a lot of openness to the case. You can see from the Photo’s that Most of the top, front and a large section of the door is a breathable mesh material. Not only does this take some of the girth away from the case it also hints of it’s cooling potential.
Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 2
Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 3
Above you see the top tray with hidden fill port as well as the front USB, Firewire, E-SATA and Audio ports.
Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 4
  The key selling point of the HAF case is the High Air Flow and that of the cooling potential this case exhibits. In the HAF 932 most of the cooling is generated in the large mesh areas in the front, top and side door of the case which house really large diameter fans. All three of these areas have large 230x30mm fans that runs at 700rpm. What most people think when they hear about high air flow through a case is also a high noise level. The great thing about these large fans the amount of air flow which is generated at a low noise level. Because these larger fans don’t need to spin as fast to produce as much flow they run much cooler and quieter than say a 120mm fan would. In fact each fan only puts out 19dB of noise apiece. So this case may not only be for those looking to keep hot hardware cool but also for those who are looking for a cool and quiet case as well.
  Despite the benefit of having these larger fans you may just not be too keen on any of them, or want to add a bit of color to the HAF by using LED fans instead. Another interesting feature of this case is that the side and top of has mounts available to install 120mm fans if you so choose. The side door will accommodate up to 4 – 120mm fans and the top will allow you to place 2 in the middle of the mesh area and an optional 3rd under the top tray.  Also if you are looking for water coolingthere are mounts available for a Double or Triple radiators to be placed up top as well.  If you just want color but still want to keep the fans.  The front case fan is a clear fan lit with red LED’s.  The side and top fans have mounts for 4 LED’s each.  You would have to do a bit of modding wire and them up yourself but it’s an interesting option.
Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 5
  Speaking of water cooling if you choose to go this route you will also be pleased to know that you have several options available too you. There are two rubber grommeted holes in the upper top back side of the case for those who wish to mount the radiator, or even the reservoir, outside the case. You can also switch positions of the PSU if you want to place the Powers supply up top and mount the radiator on the bottom inside of the case. It seems that the theme for the HAF may be versatility as well as high air flow.
Cooler Master HAF 932 Computer Case 932, computer case, Cooler Master, HAF 6
  The back also has a nice large 140mm exhaust fan and as you can see you have the option to mount the PSU above or below the motherboard based on your preference. There is also more of the mesh venting beside the add on card ports. You will be also interested to know that the Add on card plates are made from mesh material as well. This will give you an extra exhaust area for those hot graphics cards. You can see from the above pic the rubber grommets for those who want to place some of the water cooling components on the exterior of the case. The Back exhaust fan also has mounts for a 120mm fan so you should be able to place a 120mm rad there with no problem.

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