CM Storm QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard

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A Closer Look

Let’s look closer and see what features the CM Storm winds have brought us with the CM Storm QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard.

Cooler Master Quick Fire XT Mechanical Keyboard

The feel of the coating is like rubber, mar resistant and seems to be fingerprint resistant unless your coated with Gummi Bears, Cheeto’s and Mountain Dew it should stand up to most use.

Cooler Master Quick Fire XT Mechanical Keyboard

SOLID! This keyboard feels like a board of mahogany. Solid with weight but not too heavy for me but may be for a few.
It’s small, like the size of the keys layout only: 17.3(L)x5.2(W)x1.1(H) inch  440(L)x132(W)x29(H) mm. I can hold it with one hand, fingers around top and bottom edge.

The keys come all black with brightly white letters. The lettering is “laser marked” and you can actually feel the lettering. The Font looks modern almost trekkie look. I searched every font I could find but no match to say what font it is.  Could be CM Storm has their own font used here.

As I touch the keys they respond with the click report back sensitivity and just the right pressure feel.
Being a mechanical keyboard you know by the sound when you press the keys that it has applied what you pressed.

Upper edge has the only CM Storm logo branding and one USB port for the cord.

Bottom of the keyboard has very little items…because it’s the bottom. Four heavy duty anti slip rubber strips wide enough to hold steady on gaming hits and those hard presses. It has Flip down upper board riser feet lifting the upper angle about 3/4″ or 19mm.

The attachable USB cord Is densely braided and just over 6′ or 182mm long.
The coating on the connector is Gold plating attaching to the upper back edge.

Keyboard quadrants are a standard presentation with some added functions:

Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire XT

Function keys F1 thru F4 have only that function.

Function keys F5 to F8 are the multimedia function keys

F9 has the Windows Disable function and the F10  to F12 keys control volume and mute functions.

A full number pad with four extra 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X functions for the Numlk, /, *, – respectively.
Above the number pad we find 3 LEDs  NUM CAPS and SCR.

Included is a small bag of Gaming keys ^ \/ < and > lettered red replaceable keys plus a Cooler Master Logo and CM Storm Alt/Ctrl size keys.

Last item is a USB to PS/2 adapter if needed with older style Motherboard connectors.

Article Pages: « Intro | Page 3 »
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