CM Storm QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard

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It’s solid performance, comfort (I’ve been using this for over a month now), easy to handle, set-up and change.
Tactical sense and reaction. High quality coating, laser painted keys, steel base, hard and very solid frame.

CM Storm Quick Fire XT Mechanical Keyboard

The CM Storm QuickFire XT is everything you could expect from a full layout mechanical keyboard and at $89.99 it comes in at a respectable value for those looking to jump into a high end mechanical keyboard. If a rugged, sturdy, good looking mechanical keyboard is what you want this board could be to your liking; it is mine.





-Full Mechanical Cherry MX keys (maintainable)
-Solidly Built and 2.43 lbs.
-Heavy Duty Materials and Coatings
-Replaceable High Density sleeved USB cable
-Key cap coating gives excellent Non-Slip feel
-Font is a Non-typical High Tech style
-Choice of Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red or Green
-The 2.43 lbs. might have a heavy feel for some people.

With the only Con I could find is also in the Pro column. I can not find anything I really don’t like. I consider this a winner and choice keyboard.

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