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Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler

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HVC Technology

How does HVC technology work, you ask? Horizontal Vapor Chambers (HVC) spread heat at amazing speeds, up to 8x faster than solid copper heat spreaders. The faster the heat is removed and spread across the entire heatsink, the faster it can be dissipated – resulting in lower CPU temperatures. This makes heatsinks equipped with vapor chambers more efficient and powerful. Vapor chambers are filled with coolant and then sealed under a partial vacuum, which lets the coolant evaporate and absorb heat. This vapor then moves through the chamber and condenses at its coldest surface, where it is then drawn back to the hot side by the capillary forces of the wick. In a sense, you could say it’s a cooling loop powered by heat itself. It’s this phase-change cycle that makes vapor chambers so extraordinary efficient at spreading and moving heat along it’s outer walls. Amazing, right!

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