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Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler

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  Cooler Master V8 GTSCPU air coolers have seemed to grow repetitive over the years. The same old designs released over and over again with very small improvements has almost driven me to the nut house. Introducing the new Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU air cooler.



Packaging & Socket Support


 The new Cooler Master V8 GTS is one of the most powerful CPU air coolers of it’s time. It could most definitely be referred to as revolutionary because of its unique design and it’s breath-taking vapor chamber. I truly believe this technology is going to be the next big thing in the computer cooling world.



The cooler comes very snugly packed inside of a square box. One of the corners of the box was crushed in pretty good when I received it, yet everything was still in perfect condition.  (Editors Note: This is one of the reasons that we talk to you about the packaging as more and more people are purchasing items online and products travel a lot more than just a few years ago.) Included with the cooler, you will find a tube of CM thermal paste and all the accessories you need for the multiple supported socket types


Intel: 2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/775


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