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Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler

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Design & Installation

This cooler is inspired by the power and design of classic muscle cars. The look of this cooler is, in my opinion, the sexiest I’ve seen of any air cooler released to date. It looks just like a 1969 Mustang. Total eye-candy. They were very smart in the design. The compact triple tower has excellent memory compatibility and Installation was very simple, except for the top left of the cooler where one of the bolts was very difficult to install even with the supplied tool. One thing that I would like to mention, I feel as though it would be very difficult to assemble this with the motherboard inside of the case. I would recommend taking the motherboard out of the case and assembling it like that. The back plate was something that definitely caught my attention. It had three different clicking positions for the different socket options. It was a great solution to the traditional type of back plate.

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