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Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2016 Winners Announced

Cooler Master’s massive Case Mod World Series 2016 brought plenty of new names to the scene and showed an impressive new level of modding from around the world. Thailand’s domination continues to show the world that they are the hotbed of case mod innovation winning both the 1st place for scratch and tower mod categories. Masbuskado modder from Dominican Republic/New York had also come out of hiatus to take second place in the scratch build category and Serbia plants their flag on the modding map, placing two mod projects on the podium on both categories.

Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2016

Over 21,000 people have voted in the Case mod World Series which represents only a certain percentage of the final score. The elite group of judges had to be commended for their efforts sorting through all the entries and picking out the winners as it certainly was not an easy job this year. The judges group this year consist of a mix of new and familiar faces from four continents for a truly international powerhouse panel including Peter Brands known for this L3p D3sk, Bit-tech Mod of the Year 2013 winner Ronnie Hara, prolific modder Richard Keirsgieter who has built over 45 cases in just seven years which can seen at madebykier.com, Antony Leather of bit-tech, and Richard Surroz from his TV appearances with Vanilla Ice on the DIY network and his years of modding experience. Two new judges this year include Ermanno Bonandini from Italy (previous CM winner) and Brian Farrell from the USA, a PDX Lan regular, both with ample experience in the modding scene.

Tower Category Winners:


1st Place Master of Dimension by ภควัตไชยบุญมา (Mr. Waii) from Thailand which scored a total of 90.23 (profile and worklog link)

Master of Dimension by ภควัตไชยบุญมา (Mr. Waii), Thailand

2nd Place Gigantea by David Cathey from the United States with a total score 87.52 (profile and worklog link)

Gigantea by David Cathey, United States 87.52


3rd Place Master X5 by neSSa from Serbia with a score of 84.39 (profile and worklog link)

Master X5 by neSSa, Serbia 84.39

Scratch Build Category Winners:

1st: Ghost Rider­ by Modder Crow, Thailand 92.37


Ghost Rider­ by Modder Crow, Thailand

2nd: Re.born by Masbuskado, Dominican Republic 92.29

 Re.born by Masbuskado, Dominican Republic 92.29

3rd: GSW CYBORG by Nenad Milic, Serbia 89.12


People’s Choice Awards

Scratch BuildTriHexa 666 – Apocalypse Dragon by Kanishka Akalanka, Sri Lanka


Tower ModPandora Box Pegasus by Allyson Carneiro, Brazil


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