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On my desk, I previously used the K70 LUX keyboard. So it’s only fitting to get the opportunity to review the Mk.2 version of said keyboard. While the overall design and shape of the keyboard really hasn’t changed that much, the updates do change a bit of the functionality. The decision to move the profile switch to the top of the keyboard where you can actually get to it was a wise choice. The media controls received an update and match the rest of the keyboard nicely. The Corsair K70 Mk.2 retains the aluminum base plate for that premium fit and feel.

The LEDs are bright enough to be visible in full daylight but turning the lights out the keyboard shows its full effect. The LEDs are nice and bright. Bright enough, however, to be a distraction while gaming at night. The brightness can be toned down through the iCUE software.

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The updates to the K70 Mk.2 are small and come as options such as switches and somee minor functional changes. The K70 Mk.2 comes in a variety of switch flavors. Low profile options are now available too. I’ve been using this keyboard as my daily driver for the last little bit. My favorite switches tend to be Cherry MX Blues. I just like the way they feel and I tend to be more accurate when typing on them. I’d be willing to bet that Cherry MX Brown switches would rock this keyboard.


As far as functionality, the K70 Mk.2 has worked flawlessly. The N-Key roll over allows you to press all the keys at the same time and have each register. During gaming sessions I have not had any issues with ghosting or key presses not registering. The keyboard can store 3 onboard profiles so that you don’t need to install the software on a different PC. This allows you to take your keyboard with you and still use one of your custom profiles. This includes keybindings, macros, and lighting settings.  The iCUE software works well and doesn’t take up a whole lot of resources. It does alert you when there’s updates to both the software itself and firmware updates to the hardware.

MSRP pricing at the time of the review put the K70 Mk.2 at $159.99. This is $20.00 above the Strafe Mk.2. Much of the atheistic updates to the K70 match the Strafe Mk.2 however, the increased choice in switches warrant the increase in price. If you’re looking to upgrade an older mechanical keyboard or replace a membrane keyboard, the Corsair K70 Mk.2 is definitely worth adding to your shopping list.


Modders-Inc Hardware Must Have Award


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