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Today I’ve taken a look at the Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard. Since the Cougar 700K was recently reviewed it was nice to see what the lower model had to offer. It’s not an easy task to look at a keyboard and tell you that you will love it or hate it. Until you experience it yourself there is very little we can do on our end to persuade you in to loving it or hating it. At Modders-Inc we share with our readers a step-by-step and piece-by-piece description, revealing all of the pros and cons of the product. At that point you should have a better understanding of what the particular item brings to the table.

My personal experience with the Cougar 600K was an interesting one. One of the important things for me is support. I use keyboards every day and the more comfortable the keyboard is, the better. Over the years my hands learned to feel every stroke and every little stress/pressure I can feel in my wrists. With the Cougar 600K my hands were very much relaxed. What I found to be useful is the hand rest. When I was typing I had to make sure that the extended wrist support was completely off. I felt it was interfering with my typing as only my left hand was elevated. When I played games I found it useful to have extended wrist support. Since most of the time I play first person shooting games, I utilize the AWSD keys the most. The Cougar 600K has some black lit keys which make it more appealing than other keyboards however, the 700K version of this keyboard has a complete set of keys which are back lit and highly customizable. Lack of the audio ports on the keyboard is disappointing. However, if you are looking more features, the Cougar 700K might be more of a fit.


The Cougar 600K is completely driver less and I find that beneficial. No drivers to install, no settings to configure, however, it is worth mentioning there is no way to set up macros. In short, the Cougar 600K is a stripped down version of the 700K model with less customizations and fewer features. Currently, the Cougar 600K is offered at a very attractive price of $139.99; if you are looking for a full Cherry MX keyboard, this is a good start.


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