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Cougar 600M Black Edition Gaming Mouse Review

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How Did it Perform?

Now the fun part. How else do you test a gaming mouse but to play CS-GO and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel of course! Both games were played for 2-3 hrs to check for any negative experiences with potential users. Overall, the mouse handled very well and the 45-degree sniper button was actually useful for casual gaming but in my opinion would not be ideal for competitive play as it works against the natural movement of the human hand.IMG_3728

Overall, the Cougar 600M Black Edition Gaming Mouse for its price point and available features is a great mouse that only falls short on some minor aspects that you would see on a mouse that would cost about double what Cougar is offering with the 600M. The great thing about this mouse is the ability to save profiles not to the system but to the mouse itself, in the event you decide to use this mouse over another mouse that is provided at lets say a LAN center. My impression of this mouse is that it is geared much more towards FPS gamers, but due to the programmable buttons can easily be adapted for games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. There are some small adaptations that I really did enjoy with this mouse such as the forward/backward button placement and reduced sized, thumb rest area, as well the DPI adjustment buttons being in a location that will not cause accidental mis-clicks. However, where this mouse fell short for me was the more gimmick than functional “sniper button” and that the thumb rest area was not carried over to the opposite side for a more comfortable user experience. With that said, I would still recommend this mouse over similar mice in this price range due to the amount of features available and overall performance.

Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award

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  1. It would be nice to actually SHOW the screws and their locations before removing them. Otherwise, it’s useless.

  2. 4 screws at the bottom, accessible after removing the four little sliding pads at the corners. After that, it comes apart easily.

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