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CyberMods 24Hrs Live Modding Event at Computex

CyberMods 24Hrs Live Modding Event at Computex

CyberMedia and TAITRA is hosting a worldwide modding event at Computex 2017 featuring some of the world’s best top modders showcasing their skills LIVE and running workshops which gives the public a chance to see the masters in action. Each team participating will have 24 hours in total to complete in front of the audience. The modders can choose between sci-fi, video games or movie themes to base their mod on. The team that takes first place will win $3000 USD, while the second and 3rd place winners will receive $2000 and $1000 respectively. A special $500 “Media’s Choice” award will also be granted, as voted on by media partners in the event.

Time and Location

  • Date: May 30th – June 3rd, 2017
  • Event: 9am – 6pm (9am – 4pm on June 3rd)
  • Location: Nangang 4F Light Gallery (Area L Lobby)

CyberMods 24Hrs 2017 Contestants

Team Australia: Alex Ciobanu and Ethan Cooper

CyberMods 24Hrs Live Modding Event at Computex Computex, CyberMods24Hrs 1

Alex Ciobanu is a prolific modder who has been featured here previously at Modders-Inc and has since produced over 20 custom showcase builds. His partner at the competition is Ethan Cooper, a young modder who has built a lot of of video game and pop-culture themed builds. Ethan’s most recent work is a Dragon Ball-themed case entered into the Cooler Master World Series 2017.


Team China: Xin Kai and Chen Zhi

CyberMods 24Hrs Live Modding Event at Computex Computex, CyberMods24Hrs 2

Although some might not recognize Xin Kai by his real name, many in the modding world are well aware of his modding company FUXK. FUXK has produced plenty of stunning mods through the years and continues to be an ever-present in many trade shows and world modding events. Xin Kai will be partnered up with another heavy hitter in the Chinese modding world: Chen Zhi.  Chen has started his modding career at the end of the 2015 and has become fervent about it. He is dedicated in showing his passion for the modding industry.

Team Philippines: Michael John Lanaza Lacerna and DJ Madrid

CyberMods24 Team Philippines

Michael “Mickee Boy” Lacerna has been modding for half a decade now. He runs MadMods PC Modding, customizing PCs which has now become his career. Don Jeric “DJ” Madrid, better known as Kryptek PC Modz started modding in 2010 when he was only 16 but like Michael, it has grown into a career since modding is very popular in the Philippines. DJ also owns and operates a skate supply shop.


Team Thailand: Peerakij Rungthongkhamkul and Chaipoj Khaowasut

CyberMods24 Team Thailand

Like the Philippines, Thailand is a hotbed of modders in the South East Asian region and has produced plenty of top modders. For the CyberMods 24Hrs event, Chaipoj Khaowasut from Indy Laser will be representing with Peerakij Rungthongkhamkul. Indy Laser actually started out as a billboard and logo graphic laser shop, but has expanded into modding PCs in 2013. Peerakij is a mechanic by trade but is active in the Thai modding community working with Indy Laser as well as another top Thai modding company Modder Crow on some projects.

Team UK: Alexander Banks and Robert Deluce

CyberMods24 Team UK

Robert Deluce is a veteran modder with over 16 years of experience. He runs Deblow PC Builds and Mods and has built showcase PCs for Cooler Master, Thermaltake and many others. Alex Banks runs Praetex Design and is one of the most creative designers currently active in the modding scene. He has built showcase PCs for AMD, Parvum Systems and more.


Team USA: Calen Saddler and Jim Weist

CyberMods24 Team USA

Team USA will be represented by Jim Weist of Clockwerk Industries and Calen Saddler of Envious Mods. Jim is no stranger to competition, having participated in Modders Inc’s 24-hrs of LeMods at QuakeCon in 2016 and won. Calen is a young passionate modder who is quickly becoming a modding titan in his own right. He has build showcase builds for Be Quiet!, Gigabyte and more.

CyberMods 24Hrs Sponsors

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