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EKWB-Supremacy Classic RGB – Nickel + Plexi Waterblock Review

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EKWB recently released their Quantum line of products which included the Vector CPU water blocks. These are aimed more towards the enthusiast water cooling level. The EKWB Classic line is aimed at being budget-friendly and aims to bring back some of the “classic” EK look while still offering good performance. I think on the aesthetic side of the block EKWB has done a great job. The Supremacy classic forgoes any flash except for a single RGB strip and instead takes the stance of “walk softly and carry a big stick”.

EKWB-Supremacy Classic RGB - Nickel + Plexi Waterblock Review acrylic, custom loop, EK, EKWB, rgb, Water Cooling 1

On the performance side of things, I am so far, impressed with the Supremacy Classic. A few of my other water blocks are in use on other projects at the moment and the Velocity waterblock review is coming up shortly. Time will tell how well the block does against other water blocks on the market. In my testing, the waterblock actually kept temperatures lower than I was expecting especially during the FPU torture test. Honestly, I expected the performance to be closer to the Supremacy MX.  Not once did I have an issue where the CPU throttled in either the stock or overclocking tests.

Overall, I think the Supremacy Classic RGB is a pretty decent value at $70.00. It brings features such as a machined acrylic top and RGB lighting that consumers have been asking for at a lower price point than the top tier offerings from EK.


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