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EKWB EK-XLC Predator 360 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooling Unit Review

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Unlike revision 1.0 of both the Predator 240 and 360, you will no longer need to remove the default Intel backplate on Intel 115x motherboards.  The new kit comes with a rubber gasket that goes around the Intel backplate to electrically isolate the EKWB backplate that is installed next.


The step in the installation step in the installation process is to install the standoffs that will help hold the cooler down.  1st you will need to use the included nylon washers and place them between the motherboard and the standoffs as shown below. For socket 2011 and 2011-v3 installation of the backplate is not necessary. Simply install the stand offs on the plate of the socket and you can move to the next step.



The last portion of mounting the water block to the CPU is the same for both LGA115x and LGA 2011/v3. First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve removed the sticker from the bottom of the water block and apply thermal grease to the top of the CPU. I prefer to use the pea-size method, but how you apply it is up to you. Next you’ll place the water block on top of the CPU then secure it by first placing the springs on the standoffs followed by the thumbscrews. Then you will tighten down the waterblock. According to the instructions, you’ll tighten it until it stops. Remember to use a crisscross style when tightening down the water block to ensure an even spread of thermal grease.



Finally, you’ll hook up power to a SATA connector and plug it into the PWM board on the radiator and plug the PWM header from the radiator into the motherboard header.  Even though this is an AIO, I’d still recommend using a jumper on the power supply to power on just the pump. This allows you to check for leaks. There shouldn’t be any but, a little bit of prevention will save your precious components.


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