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Enermax iVektor Computer Case Review

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 Final Thoughts and Score

ivektor case colors
The three colors that the Enermax iVektor are available in.

So what do I think about the Enermax iVektor case, I like it. The overall look is different from other case without going down that crazy looking path that the rest of the world seems to enjoy. Here in the USA I believe that we are at the sleek, quality, and performance stage. Does the iVektor fit into this, I would say that it can be in two of them, quality and performance. Sleek, well it does not have the smooth sides, top, and front that some like, but the ridged appearance is quite nice and not sure why but to me gives it a high performance car appeal to it. This look is not over powering and rather stylish. I on the “I like the look” side of this discussion, what about you? On the performance side it has plenty of ways to get air in and out of the case at two speeds you can choose with the ability to install six 120mm fans. Being able to install a 240mm radiator for the water coolers out there is a plus as well. On the quality side I would say that it falls above normal. The case feels strong with the sheet metal being .07mm thick. I would have no worries about moving and traveling with the case. It does not have all the rubber grommet passage ways that the higher end case have, but the iVektor does have the holes available and the edges have been turn so that it will not harm the cables. You can not remove all the hard drive cages like the higher case can do. But the Enermax iVektor is priced right were is should be for the features that has and is right at the mid range market with a $79.99 USD price tag.


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