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Fractal Design: Meshify C Mini – Tempered Glass Edition

I Shall Call Him Mini Me[shify]

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Final Thoughts

When you buy a Fractal Design case, you expect it to be well thought-out, look sharp, offer excellent cooling, and run quiet. The Meshify C Mini knocks it out of the park in all of these aspects. It’s true, the tempered glass panel doesn’t mute the component noise as much as we’d like, but we enjoy the tinted glossy aesthetic enough to put up with the extra acoustics. This case retails for $89.99, making it a bit on the expensive side compared to other steel cases with a single pane of tempered glass. Furthermore, it’s the same price as its big brother, the Meshify C. But if you’re in the market for a MicroATX case with style and a lot of builder-friendly extras, the Meshify C Mini is an excellent choice.

Fractal Design: Meshify C Mini - Tempered Glass Edition mATX, miniITX, tempered glass 1

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