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FUNC MS-2 Gaming Mouse Review

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Closer Look at the FUNC MS-2 Mouse

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The size of the FUNC MS-2 measures 5.12 inches in length and 2.75 inches in width. An average male hand size measures 3.3 inches wide and 7.44 inches long from base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger*. The FUNC MS-2 is about the right size to fit in there comfortably with accommodation for different grip types. FUNC spent an enormous amount of time studying human hands so that they could create an ergonomic design. It is also worth mentioning that this mouse is ergonomic only for right handed users as it is contoured to the left at the front.


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The whole mouse is covered by a non slip rubber material so your hand stays attached to the mouse even when it gets sweaty, however I can’t say the same about the buttons. All of the buttons are plastic except for the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel has a rubber coating with ridges for maximum control when scrolling. The wheel is click able just like most of the mice out there.

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The FUNC MS-2 has 10 buttons in total and they are all customizable from the desktop software with three profile options, giving users a flexible advantage in different game types.

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The FUNC MS-2 uses a Weltrend WT6563F micro controller which comes with embedded Flash ROM. This type of micro controller is widely used in USB based peripherals. All of the settings are kept on the Flash ROM so when you do modify the settings in the software you upload them to your mouse. The FUNC MS-2 uses an ADNS A3090 LED Optical sensor with adjustable DPI up to 4000. Lift-off distance with the default firmware stops tracking after only one CD height. Omron D2FC-3M microswitches are used for the main left and right buttons.

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The back and forward thumb microswitches are neatly placed on a separate mini-PCB board on the side. These microswitches feel that they require more force to actuate than the main left and right buttons and are also audibly louder. Understandably the Instant Aim button uses a square microswitch as it is not typically for rapid input despite programmability.

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The scroll wheel encoder is smooth with a stiffer microswitch compared to the main Omron left and right clickers.


The cable length is two meters or just a little over 6.5 feet which I found plently long for comfortable use. The USB cable has a little orange accent to it and is braided but not stiff and is manageable.


In each profile you can adjust color of the scroll wheel LED, setup macros and assign buttons. When you select a profile (by hitting the profile button on the mouse on the right click front edge) there is a tiny slit on the left side of the mouse which has three LED’s that represent particular profile. When the mouse is not plugged in, it is nearly impossible to notice this feature.

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