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Genius Scorpion M8-610 Mouse Review: Clicker’s Delight

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Genius Scorpion M8-610 Mouse Review: Clicker's Delight a9800, genius, laser, scorpion m8-610 1Genius Scorpion M8-610 Gaming MouseWhile it is easy to get lured by fancy colors and flashy design when looking for a gaming mouse, it always comes down to functional consistency above all else. Aside from the keyboard, the mouse allows users to communicate with the computer and to the wider world online. By the time it is ready to retire, an average mouse has felt several million clicks and even more if it is a gaming mouse. So you can say that someone is essentially looking for a long-term relationship everytime they go mouse shopping.

Peripheral manufacturer Genius, under their GX-Gaming brand, wants you to consider their Scorpion M8-610 mouse as your next gaming input device. It is outfitted with an RGB LED at the rear, sleeved cables and a symmetrical design for comfort. To further entice you, this normally $49.99 mouse is actually available for a lot less, currently at only $29 via the Genius Webshop or $33 on Amazon. What sets it apart from other gaming mouse however, most likely lies on what is inside so a closer look in the form of a review is required.

Unlike typical gaming mice which is packed in vacuum formed plastic, the Genius Scorpion M8-610 Gaming mouse is packed in a two-piece box while sitting on a container partition that also holds the cable underneath it. The packaging is similar to that of a smartphone and offers significantly more protection than other gaming mice packaging. The only downside however is the box does not allow users to estimate the mouse size in a store. Although with the frequency of online shopping, the Genius way of packaging is actually the more forward-thinking of the two.

In the lower compartment there is space for a user guide. There is a software bundled with the Genius Scorpion M8-610 but it has to be downloaded from the product page: http://us.geniusnet.com/product/scorpion-m8-610.

The sleeved USB cable with gold-plated connectors is tucked in neatly and organized in place with an included velcro strap. There is also anti-fraying terminal on the mouse end so that the cable is more resistant to tugging and pulling.

Genius Scorpion M8-610 Gaming Mouse


Resolution (DPI)
800 – 8200
Sensor Engine
Black / Orange side keys
White / Orange side keys
6500 fps
30 Gs
150 IPS
152 g
65.6 x 123 x 39mm
One year
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