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FUNC MS-2 Gaming Mouse Review

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I have to say, using the FUNC MS-2 has been a pleasure. I’ve used MS-2 for about two weeks now and I haven’t found a single issue that would set my attention on to. Overall the appearance and functionality of this mouse has been up to par with pretty much anything I could throw at it. This particular mouse has some very interesting features like Avago ADNS 3090 and Omron D2FC-3M. The FUNC MS-2 has a very low lift distance which stops immediately after just one CD height. You would want this kind of behavior if you use low sensitivity and need to lift your mouse frequently, especially in first person shooter games.

The Omron switches which are installed in the FUNC MS-2 are designed to provide fast registering and also long-life operation. Let’s put it this way, if you are going to spend $49.99 for a mouse you should expect to get maximum life out of it. Another cool feature the FUNC MS-2 has to offer is the “Instant Aim” setting. Instant Aim is an option to set a customizable DPI level with the press of the button. A perfect use for this feature is again, in first person shooter games. Imagine using a sniper in Battlefield and when you need a specific DPI setting in the zoomed cross hair, all you have to do is hold the Instant Aim button down to track your prey accurately, without cycling through the DPI levels and back again.

The weight of this mouse is barely noticeable so when lifting and moving it around the surface it feels smooth and natural. Smooth movement across the surface is provided by large Teflon feet.  I have used MS-2 on plastic surface and cloth and  I really haven’t noticed much difference with tracking performance on both surfaces.  One thing I did noticed is that the mouse was sliding better on the plastic surface.

The software of the FUNC MS-2 is very easy to install and navigate. When I used it to configure the mouse it took no longer than five minutes. Macros and custom button assignments are very easy to work with as well. So the only thing left to cover is the price vs. value of the FUNC MS-2. Currently, the MS-2 has an MSRP of $49.99 USD and in my opinion its very much worth it. The FUNC MS-2 is a mid size gaming mouse which stands out in the crowd, offering some of the latest components which continue to prove to be the best pick for hardcore gamer mice, MS-2 is a definite winner in my book. I would highly recommend to check this mouse out, you will not be disappointed.

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